Zorro review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Flamenco Opening Flamenco Opening Video
  2. Baila Me Baila Me Video
  3. Serenade Serenade Video
  4. Libertad Libertad Video
  5. Hope
  6. In One Day
  7. Falling
  8. Bamboleo
  9. There's A Tale 
  10. Freedom Freedom Video
  11. Bamboleo (Reprise) Bamboleo (Reprise) Video
  12. A Love We'll Never Live
  13. One More Beer
  14. Djobi Djobi
  15. Hope (Reprise) 
  16. Man Behind The Mask
  17. Fiesta Fiesta Video

Zorro review

Zorro Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on the mythical biography of the legendary hero, published by the Chilean writer Isabel Allende in 2005. The book is based on the novel ‘The Curse of Capistrano’. It was written by Johnston McCulley in 1919. The staging was also loosely based on the film of 1998 ‘The Mask of Zorro’. Director Christopher Renshaw began to create a musical several years before the novel by Isabel Allende appeared. The authors gathered in the show episodes from different stories about Zorro and showed their own vision of a mysterious character. The compositions by ‘Gipsy Kings’ were used as background music, whose members performed flamenco and other Spanish music especially for this play. The histrionics included several well-known hits of this band, the rest of the songs were written specifically. The play used not only fight scenes, but also the tricks: the main character flied through the auditorium on the rope and disappeared mysteriously from his cape in front of the amazed public.

West End production had a great success with audiences and critics. After nearly a yearlong stay of the play on the stage, it was decided to do musical shows on the basis of this production in the other parts of the world. The same director and choreographer were responsible for new performances, who created the first spectacle. The French version was a resounding success. The album with compositions occupied a high place in the national charts. Asian musical was also pretty popular. Lyrics were translated by A. Kortnev. Spanish dancers, singers and guitarists have been specially invited for Asian production. Due to their performance, in the show was present a genuine spirit of flamenco. The audience noted the skill of experienced actor N. Grishaeva, who created the image of a gypsy, who fell in love with the protagonist. Also a strong reaction of the hall was on the appearance on the scene of actor Y. Banchik. Comical guard, who lost his head from the passion to Inez, especially liked by the audience. Musical was created by an international creative team. It consisted of people of 5 nationalities. Communication between the participants was held in 4 languages. There were 300 performances of the play, watched by about 350 thousand people. The worldwide box office grossed to more than 70 million dollars. The heroic story of the elusive fighter against injustice relished viewers around the world. Bright costumes with fiery music made the show unique and exciting. Fervent compositions by ‘Gipsy Kings’ allowed the public from different countries to feel the passion and emotions of Spanish melodies.
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