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Zorro Lyrics

  1. Flamenco Opening Flamenco Opening Video  add
  2. Baila Me Baila Me Video  add
  3. Serenade Serenade Video  add
  4. Libertad Libertad Video  add
  5. Hope
  6. In One Day
  7. Falling
  8. Bamboleo
  9. There's A Tale   add
  10. Freedom Freedom Video  add
  11. Bamboleo (Reprise) Bamboleo (Reprise) Video  add
  12. A Love We'll Never Live
  13. One More Beer
  14. Djobi Djobi
  15. Hope (Reprise)   add
  16. Man Behind The Mask
  17. Fiesta Fiesta Video  add

The libretto was developed by Helen Edmundson and Stephen Clark. Music was composed by John Cameron and a band ‘Gipsy Kings’. Lyrics were written by S. Clark. The world premiere of the show took place in March 2008 in Working's New Victoria Theatre. Production was carried out by director C. Renshaw and choreographer R. Amargo. The actors’ list was: M. Rawle, A. Cooper & A. Atkinson. West End performance took place in the Garrick Theatre from mid-July 2008 to March 2009, directed by C. Renshaw and choreographed by R. Amargo. The cast was the following: M. Rawle, E. Williams, A. Levy, L. Margherita, N. Cavaliere & J. Newth. From November 2009 to June 2010, the staging was in Paris, in Folies Bergère, developed by C. Renshaw and R. Amargo. The cast involved G. Beller, L. Ban, B. de Gaulejac, G. Larossa, Y. Duffas & L. Pastor.

From October 2010 to May 2011, the theatrical was held in Moscow’s Youth Palace. Production was carried by all the same C. Renshaw and R. Amargo. The spectacle involved: A. Birin, D. Ermak, N. Grishaeva, L. Rullus, A. Stotskaya, V. Lansky, N. Bystrov, A. Makeeva, A. Frandetti, A. Yemtsov, E. Banchik, O. Kazancheev & I. Portnoy. The American premiere of the show took place in Hale Centre Theatre, where the musical was shown from February to April 2012, directed by David Tinney, choreographed by Brad Schroeder. The cast involved: D. Smith, C. Elliott, M. Heaps, J. Jones, P. Cartwright, P. Yates, V. Greco & R. Raboy. In April 2013, the show began in Atlanta's Alliance Theatre, prepared by C. Renshaw and R. Amargo, including such actors: A. Jacobs, N. Carrière, N. Diaz, A. Goss, B. Harding, M. Kincaid & R. Mann. The staging had been presented in 12 countries. Show was 5 times nominated for Laurence Olivier Aw., winning in 1 category.
Release date: 2008
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