Zorro synopsis

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  1. Flamenco Opening Flamenco Opening Video
  2. Baila Me Baila Me Video
  3. Serenade Serenade Video
  4. Libertad Libertad Video
  5. Hope
  6. In One Day
  7. Falling
  8. Bamboleo
  9. There's A Tale 
  10. Freedom Freedom Video
  11. Bamboleo (Reprise) Bamboleo (Reprise) Video
  12. A Love We'll Never Live
  13. One More Beer
  14. Djobi Djobi
  15. Hope (Reprise) 
  16. Man Behind The Mask
  17. Fiesta Fiesta Video

Zorro synopsis

Zorro Synopsis - Broadway musical

Stopping to rest, the gypsies’ camp began to listen to their leader, who started to tell the story of the legendary Zorro. Diego de la Vega had to go to study to Spain, following the order of his father. Don Alejandro said that a friend of his son, Ramon, would become the captain of the army. Leaving Luisa, with whom he was in love since childhood, and his friend, Diego sailed from California to the Old World. Some time later, he left the Spanish school and joined the gypsies. Luisa once found boy performing with stunts. She said that Ramon became a tyrant of California. Diego went home along with the gypsies. When he returned, the young man heard that Don Alejandro has died and his friend took the full power in the local area. In fact, the father of the young man was a prisoner of Ramon.

Soon Diego witnessed the brutality of the former comrade – he ordered to execute three peasants, cheated in the sale of grain. The young man decided not to allow the loss of their lives. He created the image of Zorro, the masked hero, to stand up for the locals’ protection. Young Don was helped by gypsy Inez, who was in love with him. Under his ordinary name, Diego became the personal servant of Ramon. He made Luisa very upset because of it. At the time of execution of the peasants, he appeared there as Zorro and freed them. Fleeing from persecution, he was in the room of his childhood beloved, and she fell in love with a mysterious stranger. Gypsies, arrived with Diego, have demonstrated their customs to residents of California. Soon Inez had admirer Garcia – he was a local security guard. Captain ordered to disperse the gypsies, as he did not tolerate their behavior. Ramon tried to possess Luisa with force, but he was prevented by Zorro. A hero left a mark in the form of the first letter of his nickname on a chest of his former friend by an epee.

Wounded Ramon became furious and declared the city under curfew. Inez began to worry about Luisa, but a girl has calmed gypsy down – she had a secret place, where they could hide. Soon the soldiers dispersed the people in their homes. Only Inez and Ramon left on the streets. A girl declared to the tyrant that he would destroy his own power with greed. Captain remembered her words. Faced with Diego, a gypsy realized that he loved Luisa. Finding out where a girl was hiding, the young man went to the cave. Kissing his beloved, Zorro left Luisa, worrying for her safety. Dressed as a priest, Diego heard the confession of Ramon and learned that his father was alive. Avoiding the trap, he fled with the received information. Meanwhile, Inez decided to hide Luisa at hers place and dressed her into a gypsy. Suddenly, the fugitive was detained by Ramon and his guards. Inez was angry with Garcia, who did not help the captive.

Luisa was to be executed when Zorro appeared. During attempt to release her, Inez was killed. Shocked by loss of faithful friend, Diego has allowed to arrest himself. Determined to save her beloved, Luisa agreed to marry Ramon. In prison, Garcia came to a young man – he took him to Don Alejandro. Zorro appeared after the start of the wedding. When he took off his mask, people saw that underneath was hiding supposedly deceased Don Alejandro. The guards returned to their previous master. Ramon threatened to kill Luisa, if someone intervenes in the wedding process. At the last moment, Diego rushed into the chapel. Fighting with former friend at swords, he took off his mask. Ramon did not succumb to the entreaties to surrender and tried to injure an opponent with a knife. Subsequently, he ran into his own arms and died. Luisa was shocked to see who was hiding under the mask of Zorro, but her feelings for the hero did not change. Diego kissed his beloved, no longer concealing his real name anymore.
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