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Life Is lyrics

Life Is

Life is a glass of rum!
Life is a sip of sage!
Life is the taste
of raki flowing warmly from the cup!

Shut up!

Life is a walnut leaf!
Life is an olive tree!
Life is a scented melon-breasted woman
When her lips are red and full…
Life is a barbered,
Planted orchard and two lovers passing by it!

Life is my fist in your face
If you don’t keep quiet!
What did you say?
I said, “Life is my fist in your face
If you don’t keep quiet!”
Oh? Oh? Oh! Oh!

Wait. Listen to me. I will tell you.

Life is what you do while you’re waiting to die,
Life is how the time goes by!
Life is where you wait while you’re waiting to leave,
Life is where where you grin and grieve!

Having if lucky, wanting if not,
Looking for the ruby underneath the rot,
Hungry for the pilaf in someone else’s pot,
But that’s the only choice you’ve got!

Life is where you stand just before you are flat!
Life is only that, mister,
Life is simply that, mister,
That and nothing more than that!

Life is what you feel,
‘Til you can’t feel at all,
Life is where you fly and fall!

Running for shelter, naked in the snow
Learning that the tear drops any where you go
Finding its the mud that makes the roses grow
That’s the only choice you know!

Wait! Once again…

Life is what you do while you’re waiting to die…
This is how the time goes by!

Last Update: October, 23rd 2023

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