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Nobody Tells Me How lyrics

Nobody Tells Me How

My classroom was always a showcase
In those days we did it ourselves
With colorful pictures and charts on the wall
A snowman in winter, a pumpkin in fall
And all my supplies were in neat little piles
On the shelves

My children were always respectful
When the principal came, they would rise
If I had to leave for a minute or two
They always found something "constructive" to do
And everyone sat in their places according to size

But kids don't know how to behave anymore!
Ask them to rise and they ask you: "What for?"
We confiscate weapons and drugs at the door
No spitballs and comic books now
They want me to teach in a classroom like that
But nobody tells me how

I made a big thing about spelling
But they learned by the time I got through
They copied the words till they knew them by heart
Ten times for the dumb ones, and twice for the smart
And gold stars were givan to those
Who made sentences too

But why bother teaching them spelling today?
Nobody knows how to read, by the way
How can you spell what you can't even say?
It's "Se habla Espanol" now
The way I've been teach for forty-some years
Is no longer "effective" or so it appears
Well, damn it!
It worked for me then, so what's wrong with it now?
They say I'm supposed to "keep up with the times"
But nobody ever tells me how....

There is one little girl who stands out in my mind in all my years of favorite...Pam.
She was special....
She wasn't very bright, but she was never any trouble.
I see her every once in a while.
She's a checker at the Treasure Island supermarket.
She gives no trouble today either.
She has the same smile for everyone.
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