Working synopsis

Working synopsis

Working Synopsis - Broadway musical

On Monday is the beginning of a new day. Steel-maker Mike tells about his craft. He often was thinking about those who drive cars made of his metal. Delayed because of traffic jams, workers passed vehicles into the hands of valet Al. The attendant at the parking lot told that he has spent his whole life doing this. Perhaps, he will remain parking valet until the end of his life. Amanda works in the business office. A girl and her colleagues were not too bothered with workload. Unlike his subordinates, Rex Winship loved to work. The man wanted to become a teacher after retirement, to pass on to others the knowledge about the business, which he had accumulated over the years. Teacher Rose welcomed her students. A woman complained about the changes in the curriculum, introduced in recent years. She recalled a gifted student, now working in a supermarket. Thinking of the family, Roberto, boy-worker, was helping to bring bags to customers, singing the song of Spanish workers.

When Kate returned home with the goods, she was frightened a little by courier Conrad. He talked about the pros and cons of his work. Left alone, the woman began to engage in daily chores. Appeared lady of easy virtue Roberta stated that she never wanted to be a housewife. Candy was raising funds for a political party. Her occupation was very difficult, because it was not easy to get money from people. By Roberta’s opinion, Candy’s service was not too different from the working duties on the conveyor. Grace manufactured the bags at the factory. Together with her colleagues, a girl complained of the monotony of her labor and lack of opportunities to meet with young people. At the time of the end of the day, people were thinking about their life that could be arranged much better. Using the last rays of the descending sun, mason Anthony Palazzo sought to put in place another brick. The man knew that these houses would continue to stand after his death.

Trucker Frank Decker tried to call the dispatcher, but was connected with the operator. Heather discussed her life with colleagues by phone. During lunch, the waitress Delores showed her skill in serving the dishes, turning it into a real show. Retired old person Joe spoke about his travels. Soon he became a witness of the fire. Firefighter Tom ran out of the building in flames. He always wanted to work in a rescue service. Night office janitor Maggie wanted to sing and play the piano. She hoped that her daughter would be able to achieve a better life. 19-year-old salesman Ralph wanted to start own business and to have a family. In contrast, the young editorial courier Charlie wanted to destroy everyone on his work. Again, the story came back to the steelmaker. Mike was thinking about the problem of fathers and children, knowing that he was very wrong somewhere in his children upbringing. The finale underlined the importance of work of all employed people involved.
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