Joe lyrics - Working

Joe lyrics


You wake at ten
Fold up the bed
You cook an egg
You toast some bread
You think about the day ahead
It's like I said

You take a walk
You meet a chum
You shoot the bull
You argue some
You lose at gin
Until they come
The dirty bum

You take a bus
You take a train
It does you good
to use your brain
You take a stroll
Down memory lane
And raisin' cane

I remember once back in '42
we were at this fair
with these girls we knew
on this crazy ride
where you screamed or you prayed

we could hardly walk
so we staggered down
for a candy bar
then we sat and laughed
in the penny arcade

at six o'clock
you watch the news
you get some franks
no big to-do's
you watch a game
you take a snooze

you change your shirt
and shine your shoes
you shoot some pool
you drink some beer
you find a pal
you bend his ear
the kinda song you never hear
and then you cheer

i was at adance
i was seventeen
and the girl was like
from a magazine
and the lights were low
and i really mean low

and i kissed her cheek
as we waltzed away
i remeber that
like it's yesterday
boy, was she surprised
i can hear her say:


they drive you home
from round the block
you take your cash
from out of your sock
you fix teh bed
you check the lock
you wind the clock
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