Everything Changes lyrics - Waitress

Everything Changes lyrics

Everything Changes

Today's a day like any other
But i am changed, i am a mother
Oh in an instant
And who i was has disappeared
It doesn't matter, now you're here
So innocent
I was lost for you to find
And now i'm yours and you are mine

Two tiny hands, a pair of eyes
An unsung melody is mine for safekeeping
And i will guard it with my life
I'd hang the moon for it to shine on her sleeping
Starting here and starting now
I can feel the heart of how

Jenna, Becky, Dawn:
Everything changes

I didn't know, but now i see
Sometimes what is, is meant to be
You saved me
My blurry lines, my messy life
Come into focus and in time, maybe
I can heal and i can breathe
'Cause i can feel myself believe

Everything changes

Jenna and Ensemble:
Oh, my heart's at the wheel now

And all my mistakes
They make sense when i turn them around
Everything changes
What i thought was so permanent fades
In the blink of an eye, there's a new life in front of my face
And i know in due time, every right thing will find its right place
And i swear i'll remember to say we were both born today! Cause everything changed!
Everything changes

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