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The Night Before lyrics

The Night Before

What if she calls me Margret?
I can?t find my green shirt!
I feel sick!
I am not a morning person!

You think you?ve got problems?

I can?t believe she?s gonna make me go through this
She knows I don?t learn anything, before noon or one

I am simply not programmed for activities at nine!

The night before, so much is up in the air
Chaos everywhere
Hopes on a wing and a prayer for tomorrow
The night before, so much is at stake
Another month of summer [would] be great
Instead I?ll learn my fate, tomorrow

Why can?t I be home schooled?
Just think of how much help I?d be around the house?

I just have this feeling I?m gonna walk in,
the day will begin hello Margret
And I?ll be too afraid to say I?m Maggie

And It's Margret, Margret, Margret,
how are you tonight?!
I?ll be Margret, Margret, Margret
the rest of my life!

Where is my red shirt?

The night before
Emotions are running righ
A wild combination inside
Scared but also excited, ?bout tomorrow
The night before

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