The Note lyrics - That's What Kids Do

The Note lyrics

The Note

Oh my Gosh!
She?s gonna make me read this?
I really don?t need this
I can?t believe this is happening to me!

If Jen had been a little faster
The note would have made it past her
And she wouldn?t have noticed it
But there was a little mess up
Now I?ve got to fess up
How will I ever get over this

I feel so nervous might pass out
Hey, that?s not a bad way out
I guess this is my final bow
We should just plan my funeral now

I can see tomorrow?s headlines now:
Girl 10 dies from embarrassment after reading note!
Oh it?s so sad! Look at everybody!
She was so nice?
Yeah, I used to copy off her math paper?
She once shared her M&M?s with me?
I never knew I had so many friends!

Take me back to the last class, an hour ago
When life was sweet before the note
Here it ends before I?m old enough to vote
All because that stupid note!

I had such a promising future!

As I prepare for the end now
Let me just say now
I?ve tried to be true without fail
And to my classmates
Don?t make the same mistake
Next time just use E-mail

In just a moment I?ll be at rest
At least I?ll miss that spelling test
I?ll catch my breath and here I go
I?ll stand up tall and read the note

Oh I feel faint?

Fare thee well to my dear friends
I am sorry this is how it had to end
Sometimes you?re high sometimes you?re low
Sometimes you die all because of a stupid note

Repeat 1st chorus

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