Sunday in the Park With George synopsis

Sunday in the Park With George Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the musical unfolds in 1884, when on the banks of the river artisan named Georges Seurat, draws a picture. His beloved named Dot poses him, who is suffering from necessity to get up on early Sunday morning to be a muse for her beloved. She also suffers from lack of his attention, because he, as a true artist, fully immersed in his creativity, ignoring everything else. The park begins to be filled with people usually strolling here. Elderly ladies are very unhappy to the Eiffel Tower, which is now visible from any corner of he city. There also walks a couple of Jules (more successful artist than Georges) and his wife Yvonne. They do not share the artistic style of the main character.

Later the same day the artist promises his beloved that they will attend the performance, of which the girl was very happy. However, the clock is ticking, and the artist had forgotten about his promise. Angry about such obvious disregard, girl leaves the master but he didn’t even notice, being enthusiastically involved in his work.

The following Sunday, the artist once again is on the shore. He continues to paint his picture, as suddenly appears Dot with his new lover-baker. Georges is still immersed in his occupation, and his attention riveted to those who rests on the shore: two girls with the same name, the romping dog, boatman, an elderly lady and her sitter. The artist draws dog on his canvas and tries to see the world through its eyes. What do it feel, playing on the shore this morning?

Dot wants to speak with former beloved, but he eluded from her. In the new relationship, she feels love and care, which was not in her former life with the painter. By evening, the park gets empty and the painter returns in his gallery, complaining that art has caused the loss of all people close to him. But he is calmed down with the idea that only art is paramount. Dot comes some time later in the studio of the artist. She was pregnant by his kid, but she says that soon she will leave to America with a baker. The only her request is to have back that same painting that Georges drew on that Sunday morning. A girl is refused and a quarrel erupted. She complains that self-realization for the man is the most important thing on Earth.

The action again takes place in the park. The artist paints his picture again, he sees approaching Dot with a newborn baby in her arms. But the artist does not believe that a child is from him. In the park gets very noisy, vacationers quarrel, but by one hand movement, painter makes all turn to silence, emotions subside and submissive people occupy places prepared for them on the canvas.

The second act tells about events that happened exactly 100 years later. The exhibition presents a picture painted by Georges’ descendant, a representative of the modern art. In the presentation of painting he is helped by his grandmother, which reveals a family secret to the public – they are the descendants of the famous painter Georges Seurat, who died suddenly at 31 years old. To confirm her words, she shows to the public the grammar of the English language with French notes in the margins, left by her mother.

A few weeks later, the young artist arranges the presentation of the painting on the same island, where his ancestor wrote his famous painting. Suddenly out of the darkness comes a young woman. This is Dot. She mistook the man for her beloved and tells him not to pay attention to the words of the people, because only his vision is important, rather than assessment of everyone around. She thanks him for happy past. When the delusion passed, the young artist opened a grammar and clearly read the words of his famous ancestor: “The white clean sheet is a lot of opportunities”.
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