Sunday in the Park With George review

Sunday in the Park With George Review - Broadway musical

This musical is for those who like something deeper. If you prefer a superficial literature, cinema, where there is no need to ponder to understand what is happening, you are simply wasting your time.

Even the history of the musical, not to mention the fact of the play itself, is very interesting. The creators have been searching for the story to their future brainchild for a quite long time. They looked at the pictures and small sketches for weeks, trying to find something unusual. And one evening they gazed at the picture of the artist Seurat ‘Sunday in the Park With George’. The same highlighted salt of which they were so desperately looking for, had finally been found. On the canvas in the style of pointillism (neoimpressionism direction in which the basis is work made by separate strokes of brush), which depicted the shore, with lots of people gathered, and they all were looking into the distance. The creators wanted this picture was represented through the prism of one man – the artist. And they decided to recreate on stage the story of this picture, through the story of the artist who made it.

This approach seemed intriguing, and the fact that in 1985 this histrionics won the Pulitzer Prize (this not often happen to musicals), deserves special attention. In the 90-ies, the musical has not received such publicity, as in the 2000s. In many ways, the latest technology contributed to the success – the amazing animation, which was taken with enthusiasm by the audience and the critics.

Sitting in the audience, you empathize the main character – an artist, for whom art was the only life goal. He truly loved his wife, but with a special love, different from love to artistry. This love was not enough for her, in any case, because she understood that she was not at the first place for him, but the art was. And it was tough for this woman. It is difficult to tell whether the art was the truly goal and the aim for this master, or an instrument to achieve fame and recognition, or he simply wanted to enter the history. Whatever it was, the heroine choose a completely different way – she pushed memories aside, gave birth to child and left the painter, leaving to other man.
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