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No Leading Lady Tonight lyrics

No Leading Lady Tonight

DEFYING CHENOWETH (Forbidden Broadway)

All: No Awards for Wicked...

K: Aren't you glad
I starred in Wicked
I'm Kristen Chenoweth beloved by you
But I've Been Co-Starred with you know who...

*sigh*...Fellow New Yorkians
I would like to introduce to you my beloved friend and glamorous co-star
Idina Menzel.

We're both so happy
We're both so happy now
We're both so happy how
K: She gets the big ovation
I: But she's the big sensation
We both defer the final bow
Cause she's the bigger star
Right now

*squeek kissy*

K: Popular,
I'm glad your so popular
You've been on more tv show
And you've modeled clothes some would even call obscene
Oh, you're in all the PR shots and the promo spots
You even look attractive green

I: Yes I'm popular
But you're the more popular
You've even been Brantley's pet
an you've got a set
of pipe to rival Barbara Cook
you're the star who wrote the
im love and im famous book

Youre such a sweetie that my zero malice
is putting all my bitchiness into paralysis

Both: thank god you've chosen me to be your pal
your sister and advisor
youre bigger now than pfizer
you're in demand and

K: popular
doo doo doo doo i love that youre popular
it must be your destiny to be big as me
Ill know youll make the bigger stir
uh star.
I'm genuinely happy
youve become more populer
lar...ha la la

I: what a love fest
La la

K: she's the bestest

Both: im glad youre so..pop-u-lar

(oh you're so pretty
thank you)

...And now the tony for best actress in a musical

Oh Idina, wait before they announce the winner
let's make a blood oath no matter what happens whoever wins
we will always love eachother and remain the dearest of friends.

I: Yes always

..and the winner is: Idina Menzel in Wicked

HA! I am the star!

K: I hope your happy
I hope youre happy now
I hope your happy how
you stole from me the tony
you vulgar one trick pony

I: I am so happy
I am so happy now
I am so happy how I won your little tony
you cute obnoxious fony

K: you give me back my final bow

Both: and no one's happy
right now

K: Idina...listen to me
we can still be friends
just say your sorry...
...and hand over the tony to me...

I: what?!

K: I mean:
Stephen Schwartz could use that tony
for he's never won before
you could save a starving writer

I: I know

Trust my wisdom

I don't want to anymore

Hum she doesn't want to i wonder why that's a thinker hum.

I'll be the star of wicked
after you leave the show
and once the cast has changed
I'll grab top billing when you go

it's time i try
defying chenoweth
i'm gonna fly
defying chenoweth
you're not the best in town

your losing your equilibrium that green paint seeped in your cerebrum
so dont dare try defying chenoweth

you're/I gonna die
defying chenoweth
ill wear the diva crown

*monkey sounds*

No monkeys nooo monkeys

SO strap me in a harness
and hoist me up to the sky
in all the big shows lately
all the leading ladies have to fly
and hanging from the rafters
ill dangle like a blimp
pump up my volume
as i kill my flying chimp
and suddenly im defying sublty
with death defying lack of subtlty
ill capture world renound

ill blow the gershwin
up because
i am the loudest witch in oz
and no one's gonna turn
my volume down
Ohohhhhhh Oh!

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