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Album lyrics:
  1. The Crime Scene 
  2. Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit Video
  3. Bombay Wet Dreams 
  4. You Gotta Get A Puppet 
  5. It Sucks To Be Us 
  6. Thoroughly Perky Millie 
  7. Movin' Out 
  8. 'night Mother 
  9. Welcome To The Tonys 
  10. The Boy Who's Odd 
  11. I Love Patti 
  12. Das Mel Brooks Song Das Mel Brooks Song Video
  13. Wickeder Wickeder Video
  14. No Leading Lady Tonight
  15. Forbidden Assassins
  16. Julie Andrews Hosts Pbs 
  17. I Am My Own Cast 
  18. Mamma Mi-diorce Mamma Mi-diorce Video
  19. Fiddler With No Jew 
  20. Harvey Fierstein As Tevye 
  21. Bernadette Peters In Gypsy 
  22. There's No Broadway Like Forbidden Broadway 
  23. Encore: "la Cage Aw Full" 

Special Victims Unit review

Special Victims Unit Review - Broadway musical

The show was extremely positively accepted by the critics. As it always happens with creations of Alessandrini, it was called one of the most successful Of-Broadway productions in the history. The public also likes it a lot.

Gerard Alessandrini, who is performing every possible role for his musical creations – author of idea, producer, director, manager, owner, cast-manager, and so forth, – is a well-known American playwright and parodist. In the world of Broadway, he is mostly recognized for this very staging. Long time before he had created this spectacle, he was honored with various awards for his excellence in theatre. The majority of the critics love him. He managed to bring an award to this outstanding Off-Broadway production as well. Alessandrini added all the necessary Broadway details and featured to the staging. Even though it is a parody, it is clever and intelligent one. The spectacle obtained Tony, Obie, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and several other awards.

You will definitely like the musical. It will make you laugh, because the actors’ play is just magnificent. They have a unique talent in parody. Look, for instance, at the acting of Ron Bohmer and Jason Mills. They managed to make fun out of the trendy and important Broadway culture. The songs are performed here in a way they shouldn’t be. And this creates a bigger comic effect for the audience. The voices sometimes are like dying cries, but they are really entertaining. All these sings are not disgusting at all! They are fantastically amusing.

You will see a parody not only on singing or image, but also on so numerable Broadway addicts. They are showed as narcomaniacs, who keeps looking for a new dose of the show. Despite the general comic nature of the musical, the costumes and dances are wonderful. But, of course, they are funny as well. The performers are quite gifted, and we recognize it from this play. It is the other format of the show than we got used to see. But if you want to spend an interesting evening and get positive emotions together with tremendous mood, you should have spare your time to go on to this piece.
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

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