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Forbidden Assassins lyrics

Forbidden Assassins

I'm John Hinkley
You are Stephen Sondheim on high
Tell me Stephen how I should sing your words
I would do passion, I could do Follies, I would play Sweeney Todd for you
He liked to kill people too

I am unworthy of your words
Stephen darling
Let me prove worthy of your words
You are a king to theater nerds just like me
But I'm as baffled as can be

I am squeaky
You are every lunatic's god
Charlie Manson applauds me and your words
Words like solpruder
Words like Dick Nixon
I will assassinate on cue
If that's what you want me to do

I am unworthy of your words
Stephen darling
All of your fans walk out in herds
Let me be worthy of your complex meoldies

Teach me to count in five-four time

Put me through music theory hell

Cut me with every perfect rhyme

Couldn't you just write Carousel

What is that dotted note? (I have a ravaged throat)
Even though (Even though)
I will always know

I am unworthy of your words
Stephen darling
I cannot sing your minor thirds
I am so tortured
But I now know what to do
I have to turn my gun on you


Your words

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