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Make Believe lyrics

Make Believe

Only make believe I love you,
Only make believe that you love me.
Others find peace of mind in pretending -
Couldn't you?
Couldn't I?
Couldn't we?
Make believe our lips are blending
In a phantom kiss, or two, or three.
Might as well make believe I love you,
For to tell the truth, I do.
(He steps back)
Your pardon I pray,
'Twas too much to say
The words that betray my heart.

We only pretend,
You do not offend
In playing a lover's part.
The game of just supposing
Is the sweetest game I know.
Our dreams are more romantic
Than the world we see

And if the things we dream about
Don't happen to be so,
That's just an unimportant technicality.

Though the cold and brutal fact is
You and I have never met,
We need not mind convention's P's and Q's.
If we put our thoughts in practice
We can banish all regret
Imagining most anything we choose.
We could make believe I love you,
We could make believe that you love me.

Others find peace of mind in pretending,
Couldn't you,
Couldn't I?
Couldn't we?

Make believe our lips are blending
In a phantom kiss - or two - or three.

Might as well make believe I love you,

For to tell the truth, I do...
(RAVENAL reaches up and kisses MAGNOLIA's hand.
They stand and gaze at each other. VALLON enters
from R. followed by JOE, who is carrying a sack
of flour, which he places on stage up C.)

Ravenal - the Judge'd like to see you.

What for?

Nothin' serious - but I reckon you'd better come along
and have a talk with him.
You will excuse me, ma'am? I hope I'll see you again -
in a little while.
(He bows and exits grandly with VALLON, patting
the top of his hat with a flourish and swinging his
cane. MAGNOLIA looks after him adoringly. Then
she sees JOE looking at RAVENAL curiously)

Oh, Joe! Did you see that young man I was talkin' to?
(JOE turns)

Mornin', Miss Nola... Yep - I seed him - seed a lot
like him on de river -

Oh, Joe, he was such a gentleman! Have you seen Miss Julie?
I got to tell her - I got to ask her what she thinks -
(MAGNOLIA exits L.)

Better ask de ol' river what he thinks - he knows
all 'bout dem boys... he knows all 'bout everythin'...
(JOE sits on a box, takes out a knife, picks up a shaving
and starts to whittle, idly, as he sings:)
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Make Believe
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