Quartet lyrics - Secret Garden, The

Quartet lyrics


Last night I dreamed I walked through the maze to Lily's garden,
and saw Lily and Mary standing there. Mary standing right there
in Lily's garden. I turned away...I couldn't watch...I was afraid.

Why won't he say what he wants?
Why must he speak in dreams?
Why can't he see what he wants?
To disappear, it seems!
He should send this haunted girl far away,
Leave the house and lands to me!

I watched them walk around the garden,
She stood tall, grown strong and bold.
Then they turned and asked my pardon,
I couldn't speak, my heart grown cold.

Why can't he see what he wants?
He wants the past undone!
Why can't he know what he wants?
He's losing battles won
To have ever loved her,
Never known how complete a loss can be.

If she could disappear, he'd start again.
And live like other men, he could be happy then.
If she'd disappear, he could be free,
Cut off from pain and loss,
A bit like me.

You can't marry this Archibald! He's a gloomy,
miserable cripple who hides himself away in
that horrible house! He can't believe you love
him and neither can I!

No one is asking for your approval, Rose!

Lily, if you don't care what happens to you, think
about your children. Do you want your children to
be crippled as well?

I will marry him!

I can arrange what he wants, Don't do this!
He's left it all to me. Don't wed him!
Now he can have what he wants, Don't bed him!
Unfetted he will be, Don't do this,
Set him free to wander Set him free
Through the world
Let him go
His lonely ways!

Then I longed to join them Now that
Know the peace they feel I love him
Their journey done. I will live
Then I woke once more For him
Without them, Live just to love him
Knew I must wander on and on
I I won't forgive you!
Go Won't see you live there!!
Life to Lily, I swear
Find! I'll never see you!!

Just to disappear
Is to be free!

Do what you will, then,
I'll never leave him!

Cut off from
Pain-cut off from
I'll help him disappear!
He'll start again!

Cut off from pain!
Cut off from pain!
Now you must leave him! LILY:
Yes, you must leave him! How can I leave him!
I'll never leave him, Nor e'er deceive him!
Yes, you must leave him! Rose,
Lily, promise! I promised!
Yes, you must leave him, Never leave him,
You must believe!
You must believe!


I will wed and bear him children. Lily, think about the children.
He will love me, love the children. Lily, think about the children.

There's A Man (Transition)
There's a man who no one sees,
There's a man who lives alone.
There's a heart that beats in silence for
The life he's never known.
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