Secret Garden, The synopsis

Secret Garden, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The young Englishwoman Mary lived in India from birth. When she was 10 years old, her parents died of cholera. All children that she knew also died. Soon, Mary was sent to relatives in England. Her aunt Lily had died many years ago, but her widower Archibald agreed to take the girl. He still has not agreed with the loss of his beloved wife. All deals of Archibald’s estate were managed by his brother Dr. Neville. Arriving in England, Mary was struck by the cold reception of the housekeeper. In the first night, the girl has not been able to sleep since she heard someone’s crying. In the morning, she asked the maid to tell her about the surrounding terrain. She said that near the estate there was a secret garden, and advised Mary to play outside. At the same time, Archibald recalled his dear Lily.

Being acquainted with the gardener Ben and brother of Martha, Dickon, a girl began to learn to communicate with animals and birds. She learned that in the labyrinth of the usual garden was hidden the secret area. This place was very fond of Lily, and after her death, the owner ordered the close its entrance. Having followed the bird, Mary found the key to the secret garden, but where was its door, she did not find out. Soon, the girl met Archibald and his brother. She asked permission to plant her own garden plot. The owner was amazed – his former wife also liked to grow trees and plants. Archibald and Neville noticed that Mary was very similar to her aunt – she had Lily's eyes. Left in the building because of the rain, the girl once again heard someone crying. Going to the sound, she met her cousin, Colin.

Boy was bedridden since birth – right after the death of his mother. His father was in the belief that his son inherited his defect of appearance. But Archibald was wrong. Spine of Colin was healthy and hump had not appeared. The boy shared a secret with the girl – at night to him came a hunchback man and read books to him. When the children became friends, into the room burst Dr. Neville and housekeeper. They forbade Mary to visit Colin. Running out in the middle of a storm on the street, the girl found an entrance to the secret garden’s area. Seeing a beautiful place in bad condition, she realized that she could find here what she was striving for in her life. At this time, the brothers recalled Lily – Neville was secretly in love with the wife of Archibald. The doctor advised the family member to travel to the continent for the rest. After reading a story to his son at night, the father hit the road.

Mary asked Dickon to help her take care of the secret garden. Soon the trees and shrubs regained their former beauty. The girl told her cousin about this place. At first, Colin was afraid to appear on the street, but when he saw the ghost of his mother, who encouraged him, the boy agreed to visit the secret area. Mary, Dickon and Martha moved the child in a wheelchair, to set him in the garden. Thanks to the fresh air and exercises, Colin began to feel better. When Mary returned to the house, Neville began to threaten her – he did not want the boy's recovery. The doctor said the girl would be sent to a boarding school. After that, a girl wrote a letter to father of Colin asking him to return home. After receiving the letter and meeting the ghost of Lily, Archibald arrived back in England. Going into the secret garden, father saw that his son might already run. Thus, he realized Mary’s help and began to treat her as his own daughter.
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