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Happiness lyrics


Young Ebenezer
They say happiness is a thing you can't see
A thing you can't touch

I disagree
Happiness is standing beside me
I can see him
He can see me
Happiness is whatever you want it to be
Happiness is a high hill
Will I find it?
Yes, I will
Happiness is a tall tree
Can I climb it?
Watch and see

They say happiness is the folly of fools
Pity poor me
One of the fools

Young Ebenezer
Happiness is smiling upon me
Walking my way
Sharing my day

Young Ebenezer and Isabel
Happiness is whatever you want it to be

Happiness is a bright star
Are we happy?

Young Ebenezer
Yes, we are

Happiness is a clear sky

Young Ebenezer and Isabel
Give me wings and let me fly

Let me fly

Young Ebenezer and Isabel
For happiness is whatever you want it to be

Yes, happiness is whatever you want it to be
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