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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Sing a Christmas Carol
  4. M.O.N.E.Y M.O.N.E.Y Video
  5. Christmas Children
  6. Father Christmas
  7. I Hate People
  8. Make the Most of this World
  9. It's Not my Fault! 
  10. Sing A Christmas Carol (Reprise) 
  11. December the Twenty-Fifth
  12. Happiness
  13. You...You
  14. Love While You Can 
  15. It's Not My Fault (Reprise) 
  16. I Like Life
  17. Act 2
  18. The Milk of Human Kindness The Milk of Human Kindness Video
  19. The Beautiful Day
  20. The Minister's Cat
  21. Happiness (Reprise)
  22. A Better Life
  23. Thank You Very Much
  24. The Beautiful Day (Reprise) 
  25. I'll Begin Again
  26. Finale Finale Video
  27. I'll Begin Again (Reprise) 
  28. Curtain Calls 
  29. Thank You Very Much (Reprise) Thank You Very Much (Reprise) Video

Christmas Children lyrics

Christmas Children

Bob Cratchit
Christmas children peep into Christmas windows
See a world as pretty as a dream

Christmas trees and toys

Tiny Tim
Christmas hopes and joys

Bob Cratchit
Christmas puddings rich with Christmas cream
Christmas presents shine in the Christmas windows
Christmas boxes tied with pretty bows

Wonder what's inside

Tiny Tim
What delights they hide

Bob Cratchit
But 'till Christmas morning
No one knows

Won't it be exciting if it snows

Kathy and Tiny Tim
I suppose that children everywhere
Will say a Christmas prayer

Bob Cratchit
'Till Santa brings
Their Christmas things

Christmas children live in a Christmas daydream
Waiting for the magic to unfold

Tiny Tim
Wondrous things we'll eat

Every Christmas treat

Bob Cratchit
Rich or not a Christmas pot of gold
Hypnotizes children young and old

I suppose that children everywhere
Will say a Christmas prayer
'Till Santa brings
Their Christmas things

Christmas children hunger for Christmas morning
Christmas day's a wonder to behold
Young ones' dreams come true
Not so young ones too
I believe that story we've been told
Christmas is for children young and old
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