Scrooge synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Sing a Christmas Carol
  4. M.O.N.E.Y M.O.N.E.Y Video
  5. Christmas Children
  6. Father Christmas
  7. I Hate People
  8. Make the Most of this World
  9. It's Not my Fault! 
  10. Sing A Christmas Carol (Reprise) 
  11. December the Twenty-Fifth
  12. Happiness
  13. You...You
  14. Love While You Can 
  15. It's Not My Fault (Reprise) 
  16. I Like Life
  17. Act 2
  18. The Milk of Human Kindness The Milk of Human Kindness Video
  19. The Beautiful Day
  20. The Minister's Cat
  21. Happiness (Reprise)
  22. A Better Life
  23. Thank You Very Much
  24. The Beautiful Day (Reprise) 
  25. I'll Begin Again
  26. Finale Finale Video
  27. I'll Begin Again (Reprise) 
  28. Curtain Calls 
  29. Thank You Very Much (Reprise) Thank You Very Much (Reprise) Video

Scrooge synopsis

Scrooge Synopsis - Broadway musical

In London, people were happy on Christmas Eve. Old rich man Scrooge was the only person who could not stand this holiday. Although this attitude of his boss to Christmas, employee Bob would like to take a day-off from work to spend it with his family. Soon Scrooge's nephew came to the office. The young man invited his uncle to spend the holiday with his family, but the latter refused. Scrooge said he was not interested in Christmas. Bob plucked up courage and asked the boss to give salary and let him go on this day to his family. Scrooge allowed the employee to take a day-off. Soon Bob met his children – Kathy and Tim. They were looking at the beautiful toys in the shop’s windows, unable to purchase it. Boy and girl were enjoying a holiday as much as they could. Scrooge went home, too, but he did not want to become a part of the global fun. Meanie continued to demand the return of money from the people even at such a time. The street boys found him opposite of Father Christmas.

Back home, Scrooge began to prepare for bed. Suddenly in front of him appeared the ghost of his partner, who died 7 years ago. Jacob said that in the next world to him were remembered all sins, including the greed and deception. Enveloped in chains ghost told – Scrooge has the time to change and to start a new life. He also said to the former partner, that soon he would be visited by three spirits of Christmas. And disappeared. Scrooge did not believe him and went to bed. Soon the ghost came to him in the form of a small child. Spirit of Christmas Past showed the old man his childhood and youth. Being greedy and grumpy, the boy often hurt his sister Fanny. Then Scrooge lost a girl who was really close to him – Isabel had left a miser. Spirit of Christmas Past returned the old man to bed, saying that he could still change.

The second ghost, who visited Scrooge, was a cheerful green ghost. The spirit of Christmas Present showed to his a family of his employee Bob. Despite the poverty, children and adults were full of hope. His wife Emily said households that if they would keep strong, things would go smoothly. Relatives called seriously ill Tim to sing a song. Bob’s family hoped for the best. Scrooge asked his companion about the disease of the boy, but the spirit of Christmas has moved him already to another location. Now the old man saw the family of a nephew – all were having fun and celebrating Christmas. Scrooge realized that he has deprived himself of the joy of communicating with relatives. The rich man was returned to his bedroom. Now the spirit of Christmas Future showed the old man the upcoming events. All the people were happy but Scrooge saw his own grave. It turned out that everyone were happy because of the old man's death. Shocked rich man vowed to fix own sins and to start a new life. Waking up in the morning, Scrooge met with his relatives. He also visited the Bob’s family and made him a partner. The rich man promised to pay for the treatment of Tim. Starting a new life, the old man began to forgive debts and make gifts to everyone.
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