Shilo Turns Against Rotti lyrics - REPO! The Genetic Opera

Shilo Turns Against Rotti lyrics

Shilo Turns Against Rotti

I am not a murderer!

But you share your dad's genetics! What if he passed this to you?

I don't have to share his choices

Didn't you say you were infected,
didn't you? Didn't you?

I poisoned you, I'm worse than Rotti...
imprisoned you, I couldn't lose you
what have I done?
Forgive me Shilo, I drugged your blood,
oh God, what have I done?

You used my mother's death to use my father, you used my father's debt to use me too!

Your dad deserved whatever happened to him! He needed me, and so do you!

Nathan and chorus:
I remember!

Remember my mistakes,
remember you can change,
remember that I love you!
I'm sorry that I failed you!
Remember that it's up to you...
to go and shape your life into
one that's worth of remembering....


[Thanks to Samantha Howald for lyrics]
Last Update: February, 20th 2014

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