REPO! The Genetic Opera synopsis

REPO! The Genetic Opera Synopsis - Broadway musical

In the year of 2056 a law passed, according to which from a person transplanted organs were seized if (s)he did not do another payment on time for the operation. Return of the used material was done by employees of “GeneCo”, Repo Men, hiding the faces under the masks. If during the confiscation of organs person died, they did not bear any responsibility for that. Soon the head of the “GeneCo” Rotti learned that he was terminally ill. He was not going to leave the company to his spoiled children.

17-year-old Shilo at father's request has always been at home. Nathan had worried for a daughter, because she had a serious illness. Accidentally walked the street, a girl was detained by the police. After losing consciousness, she woke up at home. Nathan worked as Repo Man, but concealed it from his daughter. Soon a girl called Rotti. Earlier, he met with her deceased mother. Learning about her decision to leave, Rotti poisoned a woman, replacing the medicine prepared by Nathan for her. Then Rotti blackmailed & forced Nathan to become Repo Man. The man said that he could cure Shilo. The girl was kidnapped & taken to Rotti. Apologizing, he invited her to meet with Blind Mag – blind from birth singer received eyes from “GeneCo” & now was engaged in a lifetime contract. Seeing Shilo, the woman realized that she was a daughter of her dead girlfriend Marni. The girl was kept under guard, but she managed to escape & return home. Nathan did not suspect anything. Soon, a man learned the name of the new victim. Blind Mag broke the contract with “GeneCo” & now they had to confiscate her eyes. Nathan refused to execute this order.

The singer came to Shilo & told that she was her godmother – such was the desire of Marni. Blind Mag advised the girl to lead a more active lifestyle. As he left, the woman ran into Nathan. Singer chided the man – he lied, saying that the girl died in childbirth along with his mother. Shilo begged her father to save Blind Mag from Repo Men – she learned that the singer has left the “GeneCo”. But Nathan refused to do so. When the daughter began smashing furniture, he gave her a slap in the face. Shilo fainted. Soon Rotti called the girl & Nathan heard his message. The man was furious, as he understood that he could lose a daughter.

Soon Shilo woke up & ran to the opera, where she was invited by Rotti – he had made a testament on the name of the girl. Learning of this, the enraged father decided to kill Rotti, but first he had to deal with the police officers, whom head of the “GeneCo” incited on him. Nathan went to the opera, wearing a mask of Repo Man. During the last performance, Blind Mag torn out her eyes, trying to avoid being killed. But Rotti cut through the cable, which supported the singer on the stage & she fell on the iron fence stakes. The head of “GeneCo” reassured the audience, saying that the staging was conceived so.

Backstage, Shilo expected of occurrence of Repo Man – in exchange for the medicine, she had to catch him. Soon Nathan was hit on the head with a shovel. After removing the mask, he found his daughter in front of him. A girl was horrified to learn father in Repo Man. Seeing the dead singer on the screen, Shilo accused him in her death. A girl learned from Rotti, that her father especially gave her medication causing her to lose strength. Nathan tried to kill Rotti, but was stopped. Rotti promised that Shilo would be his heir, if he would kill her father, but she refused to do so. Then the dying Rotti shot at Nathan, mortally wounding him. Shilo managed to make it up with her father. The girl refused to inherit “GeneCo” & the corporation has moved to the children of Rotti.
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