Priscilla: Queen of the Desert synopsis

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical tells a story about a drag queen, who works in a club. He has a wife, but they have been apart for many years, as the main character is gay.

Once his spouse asked him for a favor. Spouse had some work to do in Australia & wanted him went with her. She claims that their 8-y.o. son is missing him. The man comes to an agreement about his leaving with one of his colleagues. He also calls his friend, who is transsexual. It appears that his spouse died, so both of them meet together at the funerals & arrange the ride. The main character also invites another to come along. The inter-gender person dislikes him from the first second, as his style is too ostensible. Together they buy a van. The man tells his friends about his wife’s request, but does not mention his son. During the trip, two friends of the main hero keep arguing.

They stop at the bar & give a performance. But then, they find out that their van has lots of unfavourable statements & paints on it. The man was upset a lot, while his fellows try to calm his friend. The travelling continues & their van breaks. They decide to paint it to cover the hateful words. They stop in the other town, where they find a mechanic, who agrees to fix their vehicle & people, who accept them. The inter-gender person talks to the mechanic & gets to know that he has seen him before, in Paris. They start liking each other & their feelings develop. The trio gives a performance, but suddenly the mechanic’s wife appears. The inter-gender person offers him a ride to his real home. The other friend of the main character is chased by a group of men, whom he has tried to seduce. The inter-gender person helps him. All of them reach the destination. The main hero reflects on their journey. The trio is preparing to perform. The man finally meets his son, who accepts him as he is. His colleague gives a solo act. The whole band understands they want to stay & perform together. They sing the songs & make plans for the future.
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