Priscilla: Queen of the Desert review

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert Review - Broadway musical

The staging has become fantastically successful worldwide starting from the first run in Australia. The critics were very positive about it from the very beginning. The characters of the staging might seem strange for the conservative viewer. But everyone, who has no prejudices, will adore them (like ones in the 1st part of Dumb and Dumber). They are not like us, but they want the same things as we do. They are looking for understanding and acceptance. The story is not just about gays and transgenders, but it is about love and friendship.

Of course, the plot is not the only thing that attracts the audience. There are lots of popular songs, added to the musical. People recognize them and enjoy. The performers sing fantastically, their voices fill our hearts with warmth and love towards them. Even though they are different, a viewer cannot dislike them. The show is diluted by creative dances. The choreographer should be praised for such beautiful movements and great job, he has done. The actors are also extremely gifted. They perform and sing wonderfully. It is also interesting to see men acting as females. They managed to do it just perfectly. Their acting is so real that we can’t imagine them to be other people in reality. One more thing, which deserves our attention, is costumes. They are marvelous. There are lots of bright colors. The fabric is glittering. It helps to transfer special atmosphere of the show. The musical is worth the awards it has obtained for costume design. Disco style is predominant here – in both dances and visual decorations, such as hairstyles of the heroes. It allows to return to the past and to feel the culture and spirit of those times.

In this staging, the audience may found things, which will make them laugh and cry. There is a comedy here as well as a drama. But everything ends happily. The characters find for what they have longed for so long – they are finally accepted and understood by people around. The play is full of life and energy, which is felt by the audience.

This nice and touching story has an extremely beautiful form. Such form made many people around the globe adore it. It was a good idea to transform a movie into a musical, as the story got the second life this way. Plenty of people have watched the performance during the displays, and more of them would like to do it. So, you must give it a try and make certain that it will become one of your favorite spectacles. You will enjoy the talent of the performers, the dances, familiar music and unique atmosphere of the outstanding musical.
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