Keys (Marianna) / Keys (It's Alright) lyrics - Passing Strange

Keys (Marianna) / Keys (It's Alright) lyrics

Keys (Marianna) / Keys (It's Alright)

Keys (Marianna)

Hey, Mr. L.A, I know a place that you can stay
Right next door to here is a nice flat, yeah, it's OK
The room-mates gone to Spain,
The place is sloppy, it's insane
But, the sun shines through big windows, only Dracula would complain
No one's ever there, you'll have your peace,
There's a view and a bottle of gin
She's back in, oh, two or three weeks
The room would be all yours 'til then
So here's the keys...

You mean-

My keys.
Here is my address, you see, it's really quite a mess
But take them, please:
My keys
I've got an extra set back at the place,
So take mine now,
That's just in case you'll need
My keys
My keys

She had a crazy mixed up flat
(He wasn't thinking about that)
You know the bed was kinda hard, a prison cot-cum-yoga mat
Ten thousand paintings everywhere,
She was kind of an acrobat,
Oh, you were lucky to find a chair,
The sweetest dump in which he'd sat
She had nude photos everywhere,
from freaky-deaky to plain arty
Some of her girlfriends showered there
As you can see, Amsterdam's a party!

I appreciate this more than you could ever know
I promise I won't break a thing

Don't promise, you never know...
My place ain't all that wonderful,
But I hope you find it comfortable,
So please, take my keys.
The faucets leak, the cupboard's bare,
My -ha- underwear are everywhere!
But please, take my keys
Take my keys

And after so long, feelin' so alone,
I feel like pickin' up the phone
And callin' up that place called home
To say I have a brand new family
Where I can be that thing called "Me".
No more sayin' "Uncle" to Uncle Sam,
I'm tellin' L.A just where I am...
Color me Amsterdam

Keys (It's Alright)

Narrator: So after a little conversation,
He's got keys to her flat
After a little conversation he just walks across her welcome mat
Now who'd of thought
Trust could be bought
For a song and a little chat?
See he had friends and family
Nowhere near as cool as that
She gave him these
Her keys

Now in Beverly Hills they gave him chills
And South Central put his sould in the deep freeze
She gave him her keys.

You know those LA ladies in their mercedes
would lock their door if he'd just sneeze
Now he's like, "bitch please"
She gave me her keys.

He said, the kind of place I wanna be is where
No one's cold or scared of me
And then she handed him these
Her keys

Yeah, I guess no one ever made him feel
As real as when she mended him by lending him
Her keys

And said welcome to Amsterdam
Welcome to Amsterdam
Welcome to Amsterdam
She said yeah it might look like Sodom
from top to bottom
A shopping mall or vice
But it's alright with me
(Yeah it's alright)
'Cuz she said it's alright
(Yeah it's alright)
She said yeah it might
Look like Sodom
From top to bottom
A shopping mall of vice
But it's alright with me
(Yeah it's alright)
Cuz we say it's alright
(Yeah it's alright)
Cuz we say it's alright
(Yeah it's alright)...
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