Out Of This World review

Out Of This World Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on the comedy ‘Amphitryon’, written by R. T. M. Plautus in the II century BC. C. Porter began working on the production in 1949, immediately after the success of his previous show. Despite failing health, undermined in 1937 due to the equestrian trauma, and severe illness of his wife, the author puts all his energy into making this job. Initially, as the director was invited A. deMille. But then a woman has been replaced by G. Abbott, even without informing her in advance. When C. Porter tried to charge A. DeMille in choreography of the performance, she refused, because did not wish to work with such an unreliable person.

During the off-Broadway show in Boston, some scenes were censored due to excessive vulgarity. The exhibition of African-American dancer Janet Collins in bikini shocked many viewers. Director G. Abbott was unable to improve the production significantly. He made a major mistake by removing from the musical the only song that could bring the show great fame. After ‘From This Moment On’ was included in the adaptation of a previous play of C. Porter, it became an instant hit. Due to the fact that the musical had a great pre-sold amount of tickets, it managed to avoid failure on Broadway. Setting was staged no more than 4.5 months, after which it was taken out of the repertoire of New Century Theatre.

Theatre criticism was extremely negative to this spectacular – they did not even take into account the great interest of beholders who have already seen this play. According to them, the show seemed redundant and obsolete-masqueraded, recalling the productions of the 1920s. Dance reviewers, on the contrary, were very positive about the performance, assessing quality, fantastic choreography and daring of the performance. Movements of C. Greenwood, who played Juno, in the opinion of critics, admired everyone by their uniqueness and some grotesque. Musical love theme was quite daring for that time. Performances of subsequent years have not caused such indignation among the reviewers – times changed.
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