Of Thee I Sing review

Of Thee I Sing Review - Broadway musical

The musical was created during the Great American Depression. The authors decided to write a satirical piece that would show the political realities of the time. The history of a presidential candidate has been featured in a very unexpected way. Trying to find the most effective idea to attract the electorate, politicians have come to the opinion of needs of the ordinary person. Having found out that in addition to the money, maid as the finest representative of the strata, needed love, the men decided to base the whole campaign on this topic. To attract the attention of public, politicians conducted a beauty contest. The promise of a presidential candidate to marry the winner guaranteed interest of citizens in Wintergreen. But at the last moment everything went not according to the plan. The man realized that it is wrong to marry the one whom you saw for the first time in the life. Finding love not among the contest participants, he suggested the young woman to marry him. Especially because the main advantage of Mary was her corn muffins, wonderful taste of which was even recognized by the Supreme Court. Winner’s deceiving about her fate seemed insignificant against the backdrop of such culinary perfection.

Due to its subject, Wintergreen won an expedient victory in the elections. He was not destined conducting normal life of the president. When deceived girl took the fact of deception to the French ambassador, she also lied to him that she was a relative of Napoleon. Claiming the unborn child, the foreigner is explained it by the fact that in place of the first lady right now would have to be person having kinship with Napoleon. Therefore, his country had a right to this baby. Because of this, war almost started, but the president found a way – he decided to resign and transfer his duties to Vice President. Also the latter would have to marry to the winner of the beauty contest. But this did not bother him. Thus, Wintergreen family was saved.

Satire on political power is always dangerous, no matter in what way it was created. The authors of the musical did not know how rather conservative audience would react to their creation. But they decided to take a chance and put their work on the stage. Receiving Pulitzer Prize, musical showed that the majority of the American public appreciated this performance highly. Critics have pointed out that, despite the plot lightheadedness, composer created a beautiful piece. George Gershwin’s tunes were on top. Performance continues to interest many fans, as refined representative of satire. Staging allows the viewer to once again enjoy the craftsmanship of the famous composer.
Last Update:June, 25th 2016

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