It's Not Easy lyrics - Notebook

It's Not Easy lyrics

It's Not Easy

If this isn't real, if this isn't real
Then what is?

[MIDDLE ALLIE, spoken]
I don't know!

If this isn't love, if this isn't life
Then what do you want?
Not what your mother, not what your lover
Not what the others want
What do you want?

I don't know
It's not easy for me!

It's not easy for me
No one said it'd be easy
But I want every second of the bad and the good
I want all of our days to be side by side
And slide into yesterdays
Ride into memories
Making a messy, beautiful life
I just want all of you, all of us
Inside this house I built
Until we're gone
All you gotta do
Is just walk back up these stairs
Goodbye, Allie
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