Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet Of 1812 synopsis

Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet Of 1812 Synopsis - Broadway musical

1812. Moscow. Shortly before the invasion of Napoleon's army. Pierre is a rich aristocrat, who is in a deep spiritual crisis. His life is filled with wine, philosophy and sloth. At the same time, young Natasha Rostova and her cousin came to the capital to Marya – they were going to stay at hers all winter. She was the godmother of Natalia. She was expecting her groom Andrey to return from the war. Marya recommended to own goddaughter to visit her fiancé’s father and sister. Good relations with these nobles could in the future help her family to improve financial position. A visit to the old Count Bolkonsky and his daughter was unsuccessful – the girl was unable to win their love. Natasha even more began to miss her fiancé.

The next night, the girl entered a secular Moscow society – she attended the opera. There she met Anatole, the young officer who was well-known ladies' man and a deceiver. After his courtship, Natasha began to experience confused and mixed feelings. Now, her love for Andrey seemed not as strong as she thought of it. Anatole and his friends left the room. Soon they met a sister of Anatole. She quarreled with her husband because of his behavior with other friend. Anatole said that he would achieve Natasha’s love. The officer did not stop even in the presence of his own wife. Pierre called Dolokhov on a duel that from his side was a suicide. Then the man began to reflect about his life.

Sunday morning Rostova with family and friends attended church. Soon they came to Helene. The woman invited Natasha to the ball – this is where Anatole was going to seduce her. The venture of a womanizer did not fail – the officer was able to win the heart of an inexperienced girl. Soon they planned a joint elopement. Natasha broke off her engagement to Andrey, writing him a letter. When Sonya learned about all what was happening, she realized that this action would destroy her cousin. She decided to stop a girl by all means. The same evening Anatole and Dolokhov arrived to the house where Natalia lived. But the planned runaway failed – instead of a girl Marya came out on the porch and drove them away.

Having dealt with failed kidnappers, a woman scolded her goddaughter. Then she sent a message to Pierre, asking him for help – immediate expelling of Anatole from the capital required. Natalia could not survive such exposure and tried to poison herself. Soon Bolkonsky returned. Pierre told him about the scandal that happened with his ex-fiancée, and asked him to be merciful to the girl. But the angry Count would not listen to the opinion of his friend. Soon, Pierre visited sick Natalia. After their meeting, the man survived the moment of enlightenment, when he saw a great comet in the sky of 1812.
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