Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet Of 1812 review

Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet Of 1812 Review - Broadway musical

Dave Malloy has created a very unusual product. Taking the world-famous novel as the core, he was able to bring to his musical variety of music genres. Classic ballads were particularly good for expressing emotions of main characters in this play. Brittani Ashford’s lyric helps the audience to feel emotional reflections of Sonya, when she decided to protect her cousin from extravagant ideas of a womanizer. She understood better the consequences of such irrational actions of Natasha than she did herself. Natalia could only dishonor her own name and family’s one, having fled with supposedly loving her man, who was married. Terminating this engagement, she refused from her Count, who felt for her sincere and deep feelings. Youth and inexperience deceived Natalia. The girl was able to avoid a dangerous situation only with the help of caring people. She realized that true love should not be traded for a passing crush. A Count had not forgiven a girl who treated with his feelings so not thoughtfully. And even excuse of Pierre failed to soften the heart of the offended fiancée. He did not make allowances for the lack of experience of his beloved. Pierre is the most helpful and friendly character of the play. Once in the shackles of an unwanted marriage, the man did everything to get married with love. Pierre sincerely wished happiness for a girl. Natalia's eyes should shine with joy – to the joy of this man. As a true friend of the girl, Pierre was ready at any moment to come to her aid. The young lady was able to withstand the ordeal only thanks to the support.

Director has created a very unusual action. He attracted the audience to participate in an organized performance. Being in close proximity, the audience could see all the emotions of the main characters. People got together by means of spiritual and real food – it served both classic and Russian cuisine in the restaurant where the action took place. Such a stage production relished critics in literal and figurative senses. Mixing the comedy moments, romance, serious love test and fever turned out very rough – just in the Russian style, exactly how many people in the West imagine it. The unusual staging of the classic work allows the viewer of any age to find something interesting and to get acquainted with Russian customs. This histrionics is watched at one go, which is the best indicator for any production.
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