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Rookie In The Ring lyrics

Rookie In The Ring

Belle: "Benjamin, I don't think you even make an effort to get to know your step father. Rookie is a very worldly person. And that's an attribute I think Alan Swan will appreciate."

Benjy: "Ma, I just don't think that asking Alan Swan to dinner is such a good idea. I mean Swan is an aristocrat, a Prince of the blood."

A Prince...? A Prince?

What do you know from a prince or a king?

You look at a person and you don't see a thing.

You see fame or fortune, or God knows what!

Well in this respect like your mother, you're not!

Cause there happens to be a prince right in front of your nose

And he happens to be the man I chose

He isn't rich. He isn't tall. And he can barely speak American at all!

But all I know is how my heart began to sing

That night when I saw Rookie in the ring...

He must've weighed, what? A half a pound...

He didn't look like he could last a half a round

But all I know is there was magic in his swing

That night when I saw Rookie in the!

The way he hung on being his ecstatic jeered by some joker

The punches he took someone less would be out like a light!

The way he hung on! To the crowd started yelling--

Carroca! Carroca! Carrrrroca!

You might say... it was love at first-- fight *giggle*

You see him cook. You seem him clean. You come to dinner for his tuna filipene!

But if you ever could have seen him do his thing...

You'd know despite that apron, he's still... the king

And you'd see Rookie...

Like I see Rookie...

And I still see Rooki-ie! In... the... ri-i-ing!
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