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Exits lyrics


Ah! Haven't you had enough to drink?

How many of you are there?


Then I haven't had enough

Look, you can see your daughter tomorrow. Take a shower, get some sleep, then call her.

I have an invitation. GOOD GOD MAN! There is an entrance to be made!

An exit would be a much better idea

Capitol idea! High drama of the first water, I should know

I'm good at exits I have practiced them for years
I'm at my best whenever there's a door
So many exits enough for two careers
I long since given up on keeping score

Give me a reason to stay, I say ignore it
If someone stands in my way, I step around
You'd like an exit? just name your exit
I'll give you exits by the pound

I've walked out on countless wives
And I've improved their lives
They'll say its true

Spared them tears and broken plates
I left them swell estates they opened wide their gates
and I walked through

I've staged the exits of all my closest friends
Just drink enough and watch your friends move on
I love those exits when everyone pretends
they're sad to see you go but glad you're gone

Now I sign autographs on pictures taken years ago
I sign a name that isn't mine to a face I barely know

So here's to him and here's to me
and all that's gone before
here stands that king of pictures
who will always leave the public wanting more and more

I walked out on Harry Cole
To Goldwyn hold the phone
Quit Louis B.
Used my name and fame and clout
and I kept walking out
till my career walked out
and wife and child walked out
on me

Benjamin, tomorrow I'll be sober and I'll remember all the reasons for staying away from her.
Tomorrow, Tess will be in Connecticut and the world will be...ordinary again.
She wants me to come and may be the last time she asks. I'm going with or without you.
So for the last time, where is the plaza!?

I'll walk in with head held high
bygones will all go by
whats past is pass
I'll walk in with open arms
and she will run to me
my child will run to me
As i walk in for her at last!

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