My Favorite Year synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Twenty Million People
  3. Larger than Life
  4. The Musketeer Sketch The Musketeer Sketch Video
  5. Rookie In The Ring
  6. Manhattan Manhattan Video
  7. Naked In Bethesda Fountain 
  8. The Gospel According To King The Gospel According To King Video
  9. The Musketeer Sketch Rehearsal The Musketeer Sketch Rehearsal Video
  10. Funny/The Duck Joke Funny/The Duck Joke Video
  11. The Musketeer Sketch Rehearsal Part II 
  12. Welcome to Brooklyn Welcome to Brooklyn Video
  13. If the World Were Like The Movies
  14. Act 2
  15. Exits
  16. Shut Up and Dance Shut Up and Dance Video
  17. Professional Showbizness Comedy Professional Showbizness Comedy Video
  18. Maxford House Maxford House Video
  19. The Musketeer Sketch Finale The Musketeer Sketch Finale Video
  20. My Favorite Year 

My Favorite Year synopsis

My Favorite Year Synopsis - Broadway musical

The plot revolves around a fellow named Benjy Stone. He tells an amazing story that happened to him in 1954. He may think of himself as about lucky enough person who was acquainted with his demigod, the actor Mr. Swann, who once has been popular. When TV only started as a phenomenon, Benjy is amongst younger comedian staff in a bunch of shows with Mr. Stan Kaiser. One day, Mr. Swann is supposed to arrive for the broadcasting to be an invited star. Serious preparations for the shooting started inside of the place. There was atypical atmosphere of excitement in the ether. However, inflamed hype passes quickly when it becomes clear that the actor appeared completely drunk. Stan is angry about this & prepares to pour Swann off. But over the last one Benjy intercedes, promising his boss to keep his idol in sobriety throughout the whole 7 days of shooting.

Spending almost all time together, Stone & Swann learn many interesting facts about them. In particular, it appears that they possesses families, which both were trying them to remain undisclosed to public. Benjy means about his mom, espoused with ex-boxer from Philippines. He also has rustic uncle, who doesn’t know how to behave in society well. Actor has a little daughter Tess, which is fully raised not by him, but by mother, ex-spouse of Swann. Last worries about the little girl & secretly watches after her. However, he is greatly disappointed with own inability to store enough guts to reunite with own offspring.

The rehearsal week causes a scandal – conflict erupts in the studio. Kaiser is under attack by a union leader K. Rojeck, who hates parodies on him often produced in the broadcast. Aggravated situation begins to gain new momentum when Kaiser doesn’t desire to demonstrate his sketches for the pre-agreement. Parallel to this, Benjy has been actively involved in the development of the second storyline. Sometimes his attempts to help look a bit clumsy, but are characterized by great enthusiasm & desire of involvement. Pursuing an issue, the protagonist desires to receive the attention of his colleague. The actor gives an advice to young protégé to use different tactics, including the organization of a party in the house of wealthy parents of his beloved.

The very same night is nigh, but in a few minutes of walk from the broadcasting spot, panic attacks our alcohol star – he learns that show would be broadcasted in live air. Actor gets unsober heavily & is trying to escape, but on this way out, he is intercepted by our antagonist. The main character angrily says to his idol that he have thought of him as of true star of the screen & his heart possesses those qualities. Benjy said he had never met a more talented actor.

Unthinkable things go on in the shooting place. People of Rojeck start a fight with the host & soon the quarrel is carried out on a set, where the show has already started. The beholders in the hall, located in the premises, were thinking of it as a part the histrionics & seeing a drunken star on the balcony, applause ardently & shout enthusiastically. The actor, being dressed in a suit of Musketeers, comes out to his admirers. These events really strengthened confidence of Swann & so a couple days after, he decided to visit his offspring.
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