Little Gossip lyrics - Man of La Mancha

Little Gossip lyrics

Little Gossip

Your Reverence, could I talk to him?

I'm afraid he won't hear you.

(moving toward the bed)
Then, I won't say much.

And no mention of knight-errantry!

Of course not. Does one speak of the rope
in the house of the hanged?
Just a few words... to lighten his heart.

A little gossip... a little chat...
A tittle idle talk of this and that...
I'll tell him all the troubles I have had,
And since he doesn't hear,
At least he won't feel bad.

(to Don Quixote)
When I first got home my wife Teresa beat me,
But the blows fell very lightly on my back.
She kept missing ev'ry other stroke
And crying from the heart
That while I was gone
She'd gone and lost the knack!
Of course, I hit her back, Your Grace,
but she's a lot harder than I am,
and you know what they say...
"Whether the stone hits the pitcher
or the pitcher hits the stone
it's going to be bad for the pitcher"
So I've got bruises from here to...

(to the Padre)
A little gossip... a little chat...
A little idle talk of this and that...
If no one listens,
Then it's just as well,
At least I won't get caught in any lies I tell!

(to Don Quixote)
Oh, I haven't fought a windmill in a fortnight
And the humble joys get duller ev'ry day,
Why, when I'm asleep a dragon
With his fiery tongue a-waggin'
Whispers, "Sancho.
Won't you please come out and play?"
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