Man of La Mancha review

Man of La Mancha Review - Broadway musical

At first glance, comic image of Don Quixote represents very serious concepts such as courage, generosity, kindness and mutual support. The main character of the musical goes to new adventures with one goal – to make the world a better place. In our time, a person, adhering to such principles, likely would be considered insane. Perhaps this is the reason why Miguel de Cervantes’ novel still has the huge success and studied at schools, considered a classic piece of world literature. Behind its satirical and entertaining mask, it shows spectators the real human ideals to which everyone should aspire and along with this – to have a good sense of humor to pass through all the harshness.

This production staged in different years on Broadway 5 times with intervals. In addition, this musical was held in more than 10 countries. Each time the directors were trying to find something new. Sometimes they managed to do it and sometimes – not. In 1965, the great success was waiting for the spectacular. In this version, the creators managed to combine most harmoniously essential components: acting game, libretto & music.

From costumes and decorations depends almost the whole flavor of this particular production. Sometimes it seems that on the scene is really the 16th century with all its traditions, cultures and attires. All items of clothing, as well as the surrounding objects were elaborated to the smallest detail. Actors walked around the stage in loose shirts, trousers with a high waist. Actresses were gowned in long dresses with puffed sleeves and soft folds. Interestingly, some items of clothing on the central characters were lent from museums. For example, the chest armor of the hero. After the show, everyone could buy a copy of gowns of the heroes. Their prices ranged from $ 55 to $ 80.

Among the songs, dominate comic-satirical pieces like It's All the Same, or I'm Only Thinking of Him. All of them condemn the policy of the Church, openly demonstrating how it managed ruthlessly with ordinary people at this century. The same applies to the monologues. They aimed at demonstrating the true value of kindness and compassion, as well as to expose the real villains, who, under the guise of piety, were caring only about their own interests.

Richard Kiley played perhaps the best role in his career. For the embodiment of the Don Quixote character, performer received a number of awards, including Tony for best leading actor. All his skills are evident in the composition Golden Helmet of Mambrino. After that, it is not strange why the actor has been invited to the subsequent Broadway productions for numerous times. Though he received no awards for them, the audience always remembers Richard Kiley as the charismatic Don Quixote.
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