Man of La Mancha synopsis

Man of La Mancha synopsis

Man of La Mancha Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events of musical carry spectators to the 16th century in the Spanish city named Seville. Unlucky poet and tax collector Miguel de Cervantes go to jail for crimes against the Catholic Church. As it turned out, the main character has attempted to gather taxes not only from the common people, but also from the church, for which he was accused. Now Miguel is waiting for the so-called invitation to the court of the Inquisition. Nothing good, of course, it will bring.

Wanting the property of Cervantes, other prisoners organize their own tribunal. The role of the prosecutor in it receives colorful character named Duke – sarcastic and not believing in any big dream person. According to the laws of the process of the cell, if the main character is found guilty, he will be deprived of absolutely everything. The poet agrees with hesitation, but on condition that he will only obtain one manuscript. First, the leader of the prisoners opposes and attempts to burn the scroll. But Miguel manages to stop the rush of his rival. He asks to give him the opportunity to say a good final word. Cervantes offers a theatrical play that he will do with all prisoners. According to the main character, if it does not serve as an excuse, at least it will entertain all. Duke gives permission to proceed.

A little maked-up, Miguel begins to get used to the role. He explains that his character is Alonso Quijana – a well-read man, attracted much to books about knights. He imagines himself a knight who needs to go and perform a variety of feats. The main character changes his name to the more sonorous and noble Don Quixote de La Mancha and decides to go in search of the glory. He takes a faithful squire Sancho Panza with him – a man who knows, it would seem, all sayings and proverbs on the planet. His role is played by Miguel Cervantes. Knight along with his partner saddle horses, for which served things at hand and go on a long and dangerous journey.

The story contains many humorous and satirical elements. There also a classical love line, as well as a demonstration of this knightly valor. At the end of the play, all prisoners are delighted. Duke gives back to Cervantes his manuscript, saying that even though he understood little of spoken story, but he liked a mad knight. At this point, there came Inquisitors, who report to the protagonist that it is a time of the trial. Leader of prisoners gives advice Miguel to defend with the same vigor and zeal as he had done in front of them. Only doing so, the poet will be able to escape the fire. Going up along with his servant on a lifting bridge, Cervantes unexpectedly hears the song The Impossible Dream. Its performers are all prisoners who give a tribute to their new friend.
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