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Prologue Lyrics - Love Never Dies

Prologue Lyrics

Madame Giry: Phantasma, City of Wonders. Mr. Y presents marvels, astonishments human prodigies. Puh, the Oh La La girl, five
performances a day. Christine Da’ae, the soprano of the century, gone, all gone

Fleck: Yes, there’s nothing left nothing but ghosts, but I knew you’d come back, Madame Giry

Madame Giry: You! you, still here?

Fleck: Of course were still here! The freaks, the monstrous, the bizarre, where else could we exist but here? And, after the
tragedy, after the master disappeared with the child,after the fire that consumed everything!

Madame Giry: His dream, our dream!

Fleck: Remember how it was? Remember. (Singing) Coney Isle, glistening and glimmering rising bright, drenched with light see
it smile beckoning and shimmering all a gleam, like a dream every fantasy set free, sudden rising by the sea,

Madame Giry: (Singing) Coney Isle, miracle on miracle, light and sound, all around, mile by mile loud and loud and lyrical.
Thrill, on thrill, never still. All america was there. Begger next to billionaire. In they came chasing sensation and
romance. Eyes aflame, desperate for pleasures yet unknown. Night and day, coming in by the hundred of thousands. Swept away
by their every desire made real! (Scream is heard)

Last Update: November, 28th 2014

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