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Giry Confronts The Phantom / Are you Ready to Begin Lyrics - Love Never Dies

Giry Confronts The Phantom / Are you Ready to Begin Lyrics

Meg: Tell me, did you watch? Tell me that you saw
Did you hear the crowd, the way they cheered, I hope you're proud
Did you like the new routine? Was it passable, I mean
I can change a thing or two, what should I do?
No, don't say it, I can guess, but I promise I'll progress

The Phantom: Yes, of course. Whatever you feel is best

Meg: Did the costume look okay? Too revealing, would you say?
People seemed to like the view

Madame Giry: Meg, please...

Meg: I could show a bit more skin, that would sure bring 'em in --

Madame Giry: Meg! Can't you see that the master's at work?
Can't you see that his mind's somewhere else?
Can't you see that obviously he's thinking of things more important than you?

The Phantom: Careful, Madame. You're forgetting yourself.

Madame Giry: Don't you see he forgot what this is?
Opening day, a big deal, what a fuss
Our success means not I guess compared to the things that the Master must do!

The Phantom: That's quite enough!

Madame Giry: Christine! Christine.

Meg: Christine...

Madame Giry: Meg, leave. Now!
In Paris, when the mob surrounded you, who was there? We were there.
Where was she when the low men hounded you? Gone, long gone. We stayed on.
Who concealed you safe away? Smuggled you up to Calet? Found a freighter out of France?

The Phantom: I don't see the problem. This is ancient history.

Madame Giry: And once here, when the side show hired you, who stood by? Meg and I
While they kept you on display, who kept working night and day?
Who gave you their very lives?
And who helped you buy that side show?
Who helped you finance you scheme? Who wouldn't quit 'till your act was a hit?
And your hit could become your dream?
Who played the politicians, lured investors and the press? No, not her
And who stayed with you, helped you and advised you?
We stayed with you, loved and idolized you
She betrayed you, shunned you and despised you!
She chose Raoul, chose his beauty and youth.
It's long past time you faced --

The Phantom: Enough! You'll be repaid as I promised you would. Now, if you've anything else left to say...

Oh Christine, my Christine, yes you've fled from my face once before
But Christine, what we shared, even you can't ignore!
My Christine, I'll be no longer denied; I'll have you back by my side, my sweet Christine!
And come what may, I swear, somehow, some way, I will hear you sing once more!
Last Update: November, 28th 2014

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