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Love Never Dies Musical Lyrics

Love Never Dies description

This work is a continuation of the famous musical β€˜The Phantom of the Opera’. Lyrics were written by C. Hart & G. Slater. Screenplay – Lloyd Webber, B. Elton, G. Slater, F. Forsyth. Composer – A. L. Webber. The first show of the musical took place in March 2010 at the Adelphi Theatre in the West End. Director is J. O'Brien. The choreography was created by J. Mitchell. Starring: R. Karimli & S. Boges. In December, the show has been suspended for four days – Webber reworked it, taking into account the critical remarks. At the end of August 2011, the play was ended.

Planned premiere in Shanghai was moved to Melbourne. Showing of musical lasted for seven months in 2011. Then the theatrical moved to Sydney, where stayed on the scene for another three months. The performance completed in Australia. Actors: B. Lewis & A. O'Byrne. This histrionics was found to be more successful than in the West End. The show visited several countries: Denmark (2012-2013), Austria (2013), Japan (2014) & Germany (2015). Planned premiere on Broadway in 2015 did not take place. In 2017, it is planned to tour the performance in North America.

In 2010-2011, the British version of the musical was nominated for the Broadway World UK Award (8 pieces), (2 awards) and Laurence Olivier (1 piece). Australian performance in 2011 was highly appreciated by critics. The performance received Helpmann Award in 3 categories. Reviews about the new variant of musical were different. Some critics felt that it loses its history, while others have given positive reviews, appreciating the skill of the composer.
Release date: 2010
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

Love Never Dies Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue Lyrics
  3. The Coney Island Waltz Lyrics
  4. That's the place you ruined, you fool Lyrics
  5. Heaven By The Sea Lyrics
  6. Only For Him / Only For You Lyrics
  7. The Aerie Lyrics
  8. Til I Hear You Sing Lyrics
  9. Giry Confronts The Phantom / Are you Ready to Begin Lyrics
  10. Christine Disembarks Lyrics
  11. Arrival of the Trio / Are You Ready to Begin Lyrics
  12. What A Dreadful Town Lyrics
  13. Look With Your Heart Lyrics
  14. Beneath A Moonless Sky Lyrics
  15. Once Upon Another Time Lyrics
  16. Mother Please, I'm scared Lyrics
  17. Dear Old Friend Lyrics
  18. Beautiful Lyrics
  19. The Beauty Underneath Lyrics
  20. The Phantom Confronts Christine Lyrics
  21. Act 2
  22. Entr'acte Lyrics
  23. Why Does She Love Me Lyrics
  24. Devil Take The Hindmost Lyrics
  25. Heaven By The Sea (Reprise) Lyrics
  26. Ladies... / The Coney Island Waltz (Reprise) Lyrics
  27. Bathing Beauty Lyrics
  28. Mother, did you watch? Lyrics
  29. Before The Performance Lyrics
  30. Devil Take The Hindmost (Quartet) Lyrics
  31. Love Never Dies Lyrics
  32. Ah, Christine! Lyrics
  33. Gustave! Gustave! Lyrics
  34. Please, Miss Giry, I want to go back... Lyrics

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