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Before The Performance Lyrics - Love Never Dies

Before The Performance Lyrics

(spoken) Gustave, could you hand me those earrings? The diamond ones on the left. There how do i look?

You look so beautiful
So very beautiful
Like a queen in a book

You too are beautiful
So very beautiful.
Once this performance is through,
We'll spend some time
Just us two.
Won't that be fun?

Gustave (spoken):
Father! Doesn't Mother look lovely tonight?

Raoul (spoken):
Indeed she does. As lovely as she looked the very first time I came to her dressing room door.

Christine (spoken):
And look at you Raoul! You look just like that handsome boy in the opera box. The one who would always toss me a single red

Please Gustave, if you don't mind. Would you wait outside a while?

Gustave (spoken):
May I go exploring? By myself?

Yes but stay back stage my dear.
When I'm finished meet me here.

Gustave (spoken):
I will.

Since our wedding day
Things have gone astray

Christine (spoken):

I'm not proud of the way that I have acted

Christine (spoken):
We've both been-

The demands I've made
All the hopes mislaid
I'm aware of the price they've exacted.

Though I have no right to ask you to,
There's one thing more I'd have you do
If you love me as I love you

Christine (spoken):
Anything darling

Don't sing the song dear

Christine (spoken):
What? But Raoul-

You have to know something's terribly wrong dear

But I have to do this. It's what we agreed to.

That hell spawn demon. He's had us playing his game all along dear

Let me just get through this. Listen, please. I need to.

You need so much it's true
And I've denied you
You need the man you knew,
Back here beside you
You'll have him back I vow
Just ask it of me.
But we must leave here now
If you still love me.

Christine (spoken):
Do you mean it Raoul? Truly?

Raoul (spoken):
I've booked a passage for three on the Atlantic Queen. It leaves in an hour, we'll have just enough time. I beg you. Lets be
on it. For both our sakes and the child's.
Leave this place behind.

He knows his love is not enough
He knows he isn't what you need
He knows you're made of finer stuff
I think on that, we're all agreed.

It's time to leave him in the dust
It's time to be who you should be
It's time to do now as you must
And set the music in you free.

In moments, mere moments,
Drums will roll.
There'll you stand
Just like before.

The crowd will hush
And then in one sweet rush
I will hear you sing once more.
And music, our music
Will swell and then unwind
Like two strands of melody
At last entwined.

Fulfill us, complete us
Make us full
Seal our bond forever more
Tonight, for me,
Embrace your destiny.
Let me hear you sing
Once more.

Miss Daae its time

Twisted in every way
What answer can I give?

I know I can't refuse
And yet I wish I could
Oh god

Christine, Christine
Don't think that I dont care
But every hope and every prayer
Rests on you now.
Last Update: November, 28th 2014

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