W S K I D / Ya Never Know lyrics - Little Shop of Horrors

W S K I D / Ya Never Know lyrics

W S K I D / Ya Never Know


And thus we conclude our interview with Seymour Krelborn, the young botanical...do you mind if I call you a genious?

Gosh no!

The genious who's developed a new breed of plant life hither to unknown on this planet, the Audrey II! Oh! One last question
Mr. Krelborn. Do you feed it anything special?

Special? Uh, no. It's a secret formula, but it's uh, not hard to come by.

I see. Well thanks for stopping by. It's been a pleasure-

(Simultaneously) I'd like to remind our listeners that the Audrey II is on display exclusively at Mushnick's Skid Row
Florist Shop, open six days a week...10 to 6!!!

Well thank you. This is radio station WSKID.

The address! The address! Mention the addr- Oh well. It's still great advertising.

Ya Never Know

One day he pushed a broom
Nothing in his news but gloom
And doom
Then he lit a fuse and give hime room
Stand aside and watch that
Mothah blow
Explosion! Bang! Kerboom!
Don't it go to show ya never know?

Seymour was in a funk
He was number zero
Whod'a thunk he'd become a hero?
Just a punk, he was a forgotten
Then one day- Crash! Kerplunk!
Don't it go to show ya never know?

All the world used to screw him
Biff-wham-pow! Now the interview him
And they clamor to put his remarks
On the air
All the worls used to hate him
Now they're startin' t'appreciate him
All becuase of that strange little plant
Over there

Observe him! Here's a chap
Everything is landing in his lap

I just cut my hand and in a snap
Something out of Edgar Allen Poe has happened

Zam! Kazap!
Don't it go to show ya never know?

One day you're slinging hash
Feeling so rejected
Lightning flash, you get resurrected
Make a splash- now you rate the big
And with a thundercrash-
Crash kerplunk, bam kerboom
Zang kazunk, zam kazoom
Zowee powee holy cow he
Ordered up a rainbow to go
Wow! Pow! Lookout below!
Don't it go to show ya never know?
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