Little Shop of Horrors synopsis

Little Shop of Horrors Synopsis - Broadway musical

The main character of the musical Seymour is an orphan. He worked as a florist in a rundown flower shop of Mr. Mushnik. His colleague was a sweet girl named Audrey. Soon Seymour gained unusual plant, like a huge flycatcher. It appeared out of nowhere after a solar eclipse. The young man gave the name to the flower after his colleague, because he was secretly in love with her. Once Seymour noticed that plant was fading. Accidentally he found out that it feeds with human blood, so the young man began to feed Audrey 2. After receiving the food, the plant began to increase in size. Soon it attracted people's attention. More customers began visiting the store and business of Mr. Mushnik went better. Seymour dreamed that one day Audrey will abandon former boyfriend and will confess her love to him. The young man often imagined how they would live happily in their own house.

Due to the increased popularity of the shop, owner decided to upgrade its interior. All employees of Mr. Mushnik came to make repairs. Soon Orin came – boyfriend of Audrey. He worked as a dentist and liked to make people suffer. Seeing Seymour, boyfriend told him to take his plant & to get out of this place. The owner did not want the store left without its main attraction, so he solved this problem by adopting the boy and made him his partner. Realizing that he could not feed Audrey 2 enough, Seymour stopped giving blood to plant at all. Left without food, it began to speak and promised to fulfill any dream of florist in exchange for food. At first, the boy refused to give in to herb. But after seeing how badly Orin treats to a woman, he has changed his mind. The plant prompted him to do so, saying that only Seymour can save Audrey from flouting. A young man settled an appointment with dentist. Florist could not shoot Orin, but did not save him when he began to suffocate due to nitrous oxide. Soon the young man fed the body of the deceased man to his plant.

After the disappearance of Orin, girl confessed Seymour in love. Mr. Mushnik compared the disappearance of dentist, drops of blood on the floor of the store and kissing florists. Soon the owner asked Seymour what he knows about the Orin. Realizing that it was in danger, the plant convinced the boy to kill Mr. Mushnik. Seymour tricked him to get close to Audrey 2 and so a predator ate another man.

Soon, the plant has attracted media attention. Recognizing the threat from the dangerous creature, Seymour decided to kill Audrey 2. The young man was worrying very much that girl saw this. The young man asked her to go home. Audrey stayed there for a short time – she was anxious too much for Seymour.

Back at the store, she did not find the boy there. Seeing the prey upfront of him, the plant asked Audrey to pour it. Soon predatory flower attacked the girl. Appeared Seymour pulled Audrey away from the plant, but she died of wounds. Before her death, the girl asked the boy to give her body to the plant. She already guessed where Orin, and Mr. Mushnik gone. Overpowering himself, Seymour performed the last will of his beloved.

The next day a man of WBE came to the shop – they wanted to get a new plant’s cuttings. Not finding Seymour, he took Audrey’s 2 material for planting. Florist at that time was no longer alive. He tried to destroy the plant and became its prey. Alien monster began to implement its plan to take over the Earth.
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