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Call Back in the Morning lyrics

Call Back in the Morning

AUDREY: (spoken)Now you were saying?
(sung) Flowers for a prom corsage?
SEYMOUR:Flowers for an entourage?
AUDREY: Flowers to the funeral home?
SEYMOUR: Leaving from St. Andrew's church at ninth and vine?
AUDREY: Forty dollars. Hold the line.
SEYMOUR:First thing in the morning.
SEYMOUR: They'll be there in the morning.
AUDREY: Can you hold?
AUDREY(to Seymour)The Rosebowl!!
Seymour the Rosebowl! You know that big inflated estimate we wrote? For the Rosebowl? Well it's the Rosebowl!
It seems they want to buy the flowers here for every single float!
AUDREY:(spoken)You can't keep the tournament waiting!
SEYMOUR:(sung)Mushnik and Son
AUDREY:Can you hold?
SEYMOUR:Please hold.
AUDREY: Can you hold?
SEYMOUR:It's just as the plant foretold.
AUDREY: Just a minute.
SEYMOUR: It's business like who'd have ever guessed.
AUDREY: Mushnik and Son
SEYMOUR: That was me!
AUDREY: Please wait
SEYMOUR: That was me
AUDREY: The business is doing great
SEYMOUR: On channel three!
AUDREY:So why am I feeling so depressed?
SEYMOUR:(spoken)I get two tickets to the game! Mushnik and Son, Skid Row's favorite florists!
AUDREY:(sung) Seven thousand boutonnieres?
(spoken) Carnations or the yellow roses?
SEYMOUR: Please I've only got two ears.
(spoken) Allergic to chrysanthemums?
AUDREY:(sung) Hollyhocks are hardier, which ones would your wife prefer?
SEYMOUR: (sung)Were you waiting long, I'm sorry, sir! (spoken) One minute and I'll get her for you
AUDREY: Seymour, that reporter-
SEYMOUR:(spoken) Her? I though we finished yesterday
AUDREY: She wants another interview, said to bring the plant with you
SEYMOUR: Audrey it's that new account
AUDREY: Sorry that's the right amount
SEYMOUR: Daisies only come in white
AUDREY: Sir i'm too worn out to fight
SEYMOUR: Sorry those are out of stock
AUDREY: Seymour look, it's six o'clock!
SEYMOUR: Call back in the morning, will you?
AUDREY: Call back in the morning. won't you?
SEYMOUR: Call back in the morning, can you?
AUDREY: Call back in the morning, thank you!
BOTH: Call back in the morning!
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