Little Shop of Horrors review

Little Shop of Horrors Review - Broadway musical

Phantasmagoric atmosphere of the musical “Little Shop of Horrors” captivates any audience. An unusual story embodied on the stage in a very original way. A small number of participants is among its pros. Small theater companies were able to include this musical into their repertoire thanks to this. The production is particularly noticeable with specific drawing of the audience's attention on the moral principles of the protagonist. Initially, kind and decent Seymour gets under the influence of alien plant and begins to lose his mental qualities. Now, for a florist, actions like killing with his own hands or connivance, which led to the death of another person, are equivalent.

Giant plant impresses with its unusual appearance. Despite the fact that this was a doll, it seems really a living creature. At the end of the musical, its sinister plans make every viewer shudder. Special rejection cause flowers in the form of heads of eaten people. Despite the great comical side of this production, it raises questions about the true nature of human beings. Wonderful voices of Kerry Butler & Hunter Foster in the Broadway production in 2003 were able to convey the feeling of love, which their characters for so long were hiding from each other. Unfortunately, Seymour & Audrey’s happiness was short-lived. But this was expected – you cannot build a normal life, if you become an accomplice of horrific crimes.

The author of the musical claimed that he wanted to create a parody on science fiction movies of “B” category, a musical comedy in a general sense, and even on Faust of Goethe. Looking at “Little Shop of Horrors”, you can definitely say that he has managed well to realize own plans. This herb stands in line with Faust, when it begins to seduce and persuade Seymour to illegal actions. As a result, young person commits crimes, to which his soul initially resisted.

Comedy is a major part in this work. First, it is impossible to look at Audrey 2 without laughing, and only then, you begin to realize that this creature is extremely dangerous. The last scene with singing heads as flowers causes duplicitous feelings. Fun and anxious restlessness simultaneously present in the souls of the spectators.

Final song urges people not to accept the offer of such herbs. No benefits are worth the human soul. This should be remembered all the time – you never know when you will meet Audrey 2 on your way. This musical may be treated superficially, paying attention only to the humorous part. But if you listen to the lyrics deeply and realize its idea thoroughly, it becomes obvious that the author was trying to convey to the audience true things like importance of life preserving and the fact that it is so easy to fall under temptation to do something improper, seduced by candy-sweet promises of future advantages. This puts the show in one line with “Deity vs. Anti-Deity” creations and sends the viewer to never-ending battle between Good and Evil.

This spectacular sought to express the hopelessness of people caught in the grip of circumstances that do not allow them to start a full life, as it seems in their heads. It is not necessary in such a situation to wait for an easy solution from an alien plant. The person himself must find a way out of the impasse. It is a pity that Seymour did not dare to confess his feelings to Audrey earlier. If the young man were brave, he already would have learned long ago that she loves him and it would help to avoid the subsequent tragedies, including their deaths.
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