Li'l Abner review

Li'l Abner review

Li'l Abner Review - Broadway musical

Li'l Abner is a musical show practically with no weaknesses. Critics liked to point out that the atmosphere of the original comics is felt weakly in it. Maybe. But how can this relatively small negative item erase fine acting, beautiful performance and harmoniously fitting of the show in the fun criteria, transforming the scene onto the fairy tale of our days? Its choreography, according to many estimates, was recognized as the best in the history of hosting theater.

There are suspicions that writers Norman Panama and Melvin Frank deliberately simplified the creation of Alfred Caplin, making it softer and easier to understand. This has its own logic – people don’t like too complicated things. It's one thing if the US’s political elite was an object of derision or criticism of the gender policy by goofy characters. This is always perceived with humor and a certain indulgence. And totally another thing, when all these are performed on Broadway’s scene. Many spectators were annoyed by such a sharp position and this could adversely affect the ultimate success of the musical. But there were some ignorance of the ideas of original comics, and in addition, they were even softened. The authors dressed it into satirical attire and director fitted it onto frameworks of censorship.

Returning to the artists, it is worth noting the excellent Eddie Adams’ acting. For elegant incarnation of the character Daisy Mae, actress was awarded with Tony. Largely Li'l Abner brought her world fame. Adams has introduced a concept of sexuality on stage in a theater. In this, she was a pioneer, along with the famous Broadway and Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and others.

Pleasant melodies of Michael Kidd reveal miracles of choreography – the two most vibrant parts of the musical. It's A Typical Day, Jubilation T. Cornpone and other compositions sit long in the memory of the audience. In conjunction with a fine and smart game of actors, they give an unforgettable effect.
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