Li'l Abner synopsis

Li'l Abner synopsis

Li'l Abner Synopsis - Broadway musical

A typical day passes by in Dogpatch city, the sun shines, the citizens engaged in their daily businesses. Local beauty Daisy walks along with Li'l Abner. This fellow, being quite beautiful & confident person, somehow did not seem to have an interest in women, nor in relationship at all. Later, Abner receives a letter supposedly from Daisy, inviting him to Cornpone Meeting – traditional city festival, which happens in the local area once a year. The protagonist lazily considers on fishing that if he could become anyone, he’d prefer to stay himself. A girl tells her fellows about the upcoming celebration & they immediately rush to the city. Despite the universal joy, the girl is upset that Abner is not trying to start a romantic relationship with her.

The townspeople slowly begin to gather at Cornpone Meetin'. Celebration runs Marryin' Sam, who presents to all the people a founder of Dogpatch – bumbling general, ardent Confederate. It is still unknown who had benefited from his ridiculous actions more: North or South. Shortly, the Senator arrives before the people. Last brought from the capital unhappy news. The official said that this town has been recognized as the most unnecessary US city, meaning all should be evacuated & it shall be passed to the Ministry of Defense (to serve as a polygon for testing of a bomb). Residents are shocked that out of all, this town has received such a fate.

Word takes Earthquake McGoon. He is trying in every way to convince the Senator that his decision is wrong. The main argument that this town hosts the annual festival, where every girl has a chance to catch her Knight. Sufficiently to prey a guy liked by her & he will have no options but to become a match for a particular madam. By means of success of this festival, citizens consider to prove to the representative of the government that their city can be beneficial & thus, shall not be destroyed.

Daisy Mae asks Abner that he allowed her to catch himself on Sadie Hawkins Day Race. The main characters come to the conclusion that they are the best match for each other. In parallel, the Dogpatch prepares greatly for the festival. If all goes well, why wouldn’t it receive the title of the best city in America? Thus, a variety of events begin: some are comedic in nature, others are tragic. There is a dollop of satire touching the US government.
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