Legally Blonde synopsis

Legally Blonde synopsis

Legally Blonde Synopsis - Broadway musical

Actions carry musical’s spectators in the University of California, where there’s gonna be a holiday in one of the girlish communities named Delta Nu. A local princess Elle Woods should get a marriage proposal from her partner Warner Hantington. The whole community is on their feet, friends of the main character choose her dress, as well as help in every possible way to organize a holiday. However, instead of the long-awaited wedding Elle is going to be abandoned. Girl falls into a depression. All attempts to cheer her by friends do not lead to any result.

One day, still in battered condition, Elle sees in a magazine the photography of brother of her ex-fiancé. From the article, the main character learns that her fiancée has become a student of the Faculty of Law. At this point, she decided on a bold and serious act – to give up all the entertainment and other delights of the last year of study for admission to Harvard. On what specialty? Of course, to be a lawyer. Elle said that by getting such a prestigious education, she can return Warner.

The main character begins with great desire to study, which further gives the result. Elle passes the most difficult exams. There were some small tricks, such as a mild flirtation with the examining committee. Natural charisma and the ability to enjoy are impossible to take away from this girl.

The school year starts. Despite the grandiose expectations, Elle immediately falls into a ridiculous situation. All would be okay, but the culprit of this confusion of the protagonist is Vivienne – a new girlfriend of Warner. In any other situation, this could lower your arms, but Elle is not like that. A girl needs practical advice on how to proceed. At this point, Elle’s loyal friends visit her in imagination in the form of a Greek chorus. After a series of consultations on a subconscious level, the heroine comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to disguise into brunette. Unfortunately, this idea turns into a big failure. Fuel to the fire adds Warner, claiming that Elle will not be able to hold out for a long time in Harvard.

The only one who could see the potential of the protagonist becomes an assistant of teacher named Emmett Forrest. He gives a girl all kinds of training, as well as psychological support. As a result, out of a sudden, Elle wins Warner on one of the classrooms. Most of all Professor Callahan was surprised, who from that moment begins to see in the face of the heroine a young perspective lawyer. This is the first, but a long-awaited victory for our blonde. Having provided Paulette an assistance in the return of her dog, Elle finally understands why she is studying law.

The professor posts at the housing wall a favorites’ list, which will be trained with a very complicated and confusing case of Brooke Wyndham. The latter is accused of murdering her husband. Unexpectedly, Elle falls in the number of students selected by Callahan. Her joy has no limits. Even news that Warner and Vivienne decide to get married, cannot spoil the mood of the girl. The above events commemorate not only close up the first act of the musical, but also the beginning of the transformation of the main character. From that moment, she ceases to be a mild princess, wishing to return her boyfriend. Now Elle Woods is Legally Blonde, and her main task is to win her case come what may.
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