La Cage Aux Folles review

La Cage Aux Folles Review - Broadway musical

The secret of success is very simple. The audience, of course, wants to lift the curtain a little bit and to see how the people, different from them, live. For this reason, the scene, where the distinction between moral & immoral was almost erased, had a runaway success. But it's not only that. Musical is funny, witty & very clever, done with fine humor.

Georges is obsessed with copulation, but he is very nice, kind & clever, a tongue does not turn to call him immoral. At the same time, father of the bride with his moralizing chatter looks like a soulless orthodox. In the play, there is a clash of two diametrically opposed worlds: the extreme Puritanism and the equally extreme tolerance for violations of accepted moral standards of ordinary gray people. Common points of contact of these poles are: they probably would never have crossed if not for the upcoming wedding of children. Jean-Michel himself and his charming bride on the background of the two papas look more than modest and traditional. However, there is no conflict between fathers and children in this exhibition.

Of course, it is quite understandable why the musical is named this way: when all the cranks are collected under the same roof and the cell is closed, the only way to save own reputation is to get rid of the burdensome stereotypes. As the heroes succeed, then career of the official person and the happy family life of two elderly gays were saved. At some point of time, they were standing on the same side, where they were hiding from the press. It may be considered as some united position of all – nobody likes the press.

Featured in the show love of two men is not the stereotypical relationship between "birdies". This is a true sample of loyalty, devotion, tenderness and incredibly perceptible sadness. In addition, this musical is very French. Only the French people could develop such a story without any hint of coarseness and vulgarity. As for the funny scenes – they are plenty. An official dude dresses in the wackiest gowns, fleeing from reporters! And what about Albin with his tantrums and touchiness? Simply charming! Georges feels somewhat uncomfortable in the role of a respectable bourgeois, but he feels wanting to do everything for the happiness of his son.

Of course, manners of transvestites are much more exaggerated and simulated than in the normal life. But the main thing is that the musical is intelligent, kind, without the slightest hint of dirt or vulgarity, which in contemporary art happens sometimes. With regard to the essence, its quality is no doubt valuable. J. Herman wrote wonderful music and H. Fierstein – an impeccable libretto.
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