Was I Wazir? lyrics - Kismet

Was I Wazir? lyrics

Was I Wazir?

When we caught the seven hundred men
And hung them in their prison pen,
Who said, "Suspend them by their fuzz"?
Was I Wazir? I was!
(Was he Wazir? He was!)

When the keeper of the royal zoo
Was short a cockatoo or two,
Who sealed him in a pot of glue?
Was I Wazir? I was!

(Was he Wazir? He was!
He has a way of learning what he wants to know,
Delicate, but to the point!)

They always seem to remember
When I begin to dismember them
Arm by arm and ear by ear and joint by joint!

When the court musician lost his grasp
And let his lute begin to rasp,
Who had him bitten by an asp?
Was I Wazir?
(Was he Wazir?)
Was I Wazir?
(Was he Wazir?)
I was!

The time we caught the man who said I wasn't nice
(Joy oh joy,
That was a time!)
I confiscated his mother
And then did something or other
Involving her dissolving
In a vat of lime!

When at last, in manner neat and deft,
I've hacked and hatcheted and cleft,
Until no-one but me is left,
I want it clear-
(He wants it clear)
I WAS Wazir!

(And IS Wazir
In every single charming and disarming
Thing he does!)
Was I Wazir?
(Wazir he was!)
I was! Last Update: February, 26th 2014

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